MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (June 3, 2020) — With the rigors of the 2019-20 academic year behind them, now is the time when members of the Monmouth College community turn their attention to unassigned reading. The recommendations from professors, past professors, and librarians at the College require no book reports or reaction papers.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (June 2, 2020) The following students have met the requirements for graduation at Monmouth College. On May 17, the College held a virtual Commencement ceremony, featuring a video address by Sam Vaghar, co-founder of the Millennium Campus Network.

William Carius of Bettendorf (52722)

Michelle Zelnio of Bettendorf (52722) Magna Cum Laude

MONMOUTH, ILINOIS (May 13, 2020) — A group of Monmouth College faculty members will travel across the globe in 2021 for a study tour of Japan, thanks to a grant from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (May 12, 2020) — Monmouth College's annual Commencement ceremony will not be what its graduating seniors envisioned when they matriculated on the Wallace Hall Plaza in August of 2016.

MONMOUTH, ILINOIS (May 1, 2020) — When Monmouth College communication studies faculty member Chris Goble drew up his syllabus for his "Radio Workshop" course for the spring semester, he didn't have a series titled "Pandemic Podcast" scheduled.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (April 17, 2020) — During a time when it's easy to feel separated, the Monmouth College community came together Thursday in remarkable fashion.


MONMOUTH, ILINOIS (April 16, 2020) — Members of the Monmouth College Class of 2019 are excelling in the workplace and in the next stage of their educational careers.

MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (April 15, 2020) — Members of the Monmouth College Class of 2020 will get two opportunities to celebrate their graduation this year.


MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (April 13, 2020) — High-school students might not be able to visit the Monmouth College campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can still experience the College. That's possible thanks to the creativity and innovation of the College's Office of Admission.


MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS (April 13, 2020) — "Zoom" is the word of the moment in higher education.