ImageRude Punch is set to release their second CD in February. They have been working hard in the studio the past couple of months and the new record promoses to be some of their best work yet. From harder rock to melodic reggae ballads, the new release has a little something for everyone. Rude Punch is planning a midwest mini tour to support the release, starting with a huge CD release party at The Redstone Room in Davenport, IA on February 21. Their friends from Nebraska, Vibenhai will be sharing the stage with them in what will be the biggest party to hit the Redstone Room ever. Plan on attending and being a part of this incredible event. For details, please visit their websites, or or feel free to contact Jeff at We look forward to seeing you all there!

Rude Punch is at Mound Street!

Mark Saturday January 20th on your calendar and come on down to Mound Street Landing in The Village of East Davenport to enjoy the sweet Reggae/Rock vibes of Rude Punch.  Mound Street has a great atmosphere and plenty of room to dance and party all night long.  Let's plan on packing the place and having a wild Reggae party with Rude Punch.


Rude Punch to perform at Blueport Junction

Rude Punch will be performing live at Blueport Junction on January 13th.  Come enjoy an evening with Rude Punch.  Bring your friends and be prepared to party all night.  The music will start around 9:00 but Blueport Junction has a fantastic dinner menu so come out and eat first and party later.  Rude Punch looks forward to making Saturday the 13th a great night for all.


Rude Punch Show Dates!

Rude Punch will be performing live at the following venues in the coming weeks:

November 15th-Opening for Part One Tribe at Feed the Beast in Chicago

November 17th-Opening for Chicago Afro Beat at The Redstone Room

December 6th-Opening for Part One Tribe at The Picador in Iowa City

December 7th-Opening for Part One Tribe at The Yacht Club in Iowa City

December 30th-Mound Street Landing-Village of East Davenport

Come and see why a Rude Punch show is so much fun!


Rude Punch plays Augie Homecoming Party at RIBCO

Rude Punch will be helping Augustana College celebrate their Homecoming October 13th at RIBCO.  Rude Punch will be performing with special guest Bad Girls on Friday the 13th at 10:00.  There will be no cover charge for this event so come listen to the sweet Reggae/Rock vibes of Rude Punch and be prepared to have great time.  Hope to see you there!


Rude Punch to Perform at Breast Cancer Benefit


Rude Punch, a high energy Reggae/Rock band from the Quad Cities, is privileged to be performing at the Opendore Breast Cancer Benefit Street Fest.  An annual event, the Opendore Street Fest is a two day event featuring live music, food, drinks and fun with all proceeds going towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer.  The event dates are Friday, September 15th and Saturday, September 16th.  The Opendore Tap, located at 3rd and Pine in Davenport, is hosting the event which will be held outdoors, on Pine Street, adjacent to the tavern.

Rude Punch will be performing Friday night at 9:00.  Come enjoy Rude Punch as they will fill the air with music from the islands.  Be prepared to dance and have a great time.  Bring your friends to share the experience and help us make this event a resounding success.


Rude Punch to play at RIBCO

Local Reggae/Rock band Rude Punch will be performing live at Ribco Thursday, September 7th from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.  Come enjoy the reggae vibes at the premier night club in the Quad Cities.  A mixture of covers from bands like Sublime, Pepper, Bob Marley and 311 as well as an ever-growing list of original tunes promise to please the Ribco faithful.  This show will be a ton of fun so plan on coming to Ribco on Thursday, September 7th.


Rude Punch to perform at Ya Maka My Weekend


Rude Punch, a high energy Reggae/Rock band out of the Quad Cities, will be performing at Ya Maka My Weekend Saturday August 19th at 12:00-2:30 on the East stage.  Come enjoy original Reggae/Rock tunes as well as covers from bands like Sublime, Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid, etc..  Come enjoy music from the islands with Rude Punch.

Rude Punch on the Plaza at the RME


Saturday, August 5th Rude Punch will be performing live on the Plaza at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport.  In cooperation with the Davenport One sponsored Art Stroll, Rude Punch will be playing outdoors on the Plaza, beginning at 7:30.  Rude Punch plays a unique blend of contemporary Reggae music mixed with roots style rock that results in a sound similar to bands like Sublime and Slightly Stoopid.  A heavy Reggae vibe combined with edgy guitar licks and rock rythyms make Rude Punch a band that you need to hear to truely appreciate.  You'll find yourself swaying and rocking to the beat and before long you'll be on the dance floor having the time of your life.

Make the RME plaza your destination this Saturday, August 5th, and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy a yourself.  You'll leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.


Rude Punch to open for Blue Island Tribe at the Redstone Room


Rude Punch, a local reggae/rock band, will be opening for regional Reggae favorite Blue Island Tribe at the Redstone Room this Friday, July 28th.  Come and enjoy a night of sweet reggae vibes and be prepared to dance the night away.  With influences from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Slightly Stoopid and 311, Rude Punch is a perfect complement to the amazing sound of Blue Island Tribe.  It should be an unforgettable show.  Doors open at 9:00 and admission is only $5.00.