Who knew that on any given Thursday evening, you could pack a bag at 6 p.m., board a plane around 10 p.m., and be in Las Vegas by midnight, all in plenty of time to enjoy the flash and sizzle that defines the Las Vegas Strip? Last week, members of the Quad City International Airport (QCIA) staff, associates, and other Quad Citians making the most of $89 one-way fares celebrated AirTran's inaugural nonstop flight direct from Moline to Las Vegas, fondly deemed the "Red Eye for the Fun Guy.
Increasing Davenport city-council terms from two years to four years has some merit in terms of stability, especially when it normally takes at least that long to implement substantial capital-improvement projects.
Many Quad Citians are familiar with Bettendorf High School superstar coach Merv Habenicht and his better half Evelyn. One might think Merv gets his superstar status because of the five state championships claimed by Bettendorf's football team under his leadership, or the 10 regional conference victories during his watch, or the 15 times Bettendorf advanced to the playoffs, or his induction to the Iowa High School Hall of Fame.
The Reader recently enjoyed the privilege of interviewing the chairperson of the Federal Election Commission, Bradley Smith, who spoke at Augustana College's commencement last week. (See feature story, page 7.
It is no secret that I am a big fan of Dan Carmody. And with good reason. His leadership as president of the Rock Island Economic Growth Corporation (RIEGC) and its sister organization, the Development Association of Rock Island (DARI), over the past decade has resurrected Rock Island's downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, placing Rock Island on top for successful, innovative community revitalization, which includes the historic residential Broadway District just south of the renowned downtown entertainment District.
Kudos to Davenport City Administrator Craig Malin for his eloquent and creative response (Issue 474, April 28-May 4, 2004) to my editorial regarding the newly renovated John O'Donnell Stadium (Issue 473, April 21-27, 2004).
Most are in agreement that the improvements to Davenport's John O'Donnell stadium are impressive, if not spectacular. They should be for $13.8 million. The question remains: Are all the improvements necessary and is the cost justifiable considering the facility is only in use for six months, barring any serious flooding? From day one, it has been hotly argued that the majority of the plans for renovating John O'Donnell Stadium have been financially absurd.
In this age of high tech, there are some new services available that literally change the quality of your life. Online grocery shopping is one of them. I was introduced to this new way of marketing through Hy-Vee in Bettendorf (Devils Glen location, but all Quad Cities Hy-Vee stores offer the service) after reading about the trend nationally.
American voters are in for a rude awakening if we continue to ignore the loss of identity that plagues the two major political parties. One's party affiliation should help define how one's candidate conducts him- or herself with regard to policy and legislation.
It appears that no amount of contempt from American voters can change the methodology by which candidates, running for elected office, campaign. Predictably, during election years, the public is exposed to the same tired messages, delivered with the same contrived sincerity, that promise all kinds of positive changes, including solutions to the most pressing issues of the day.