Former Lieutenant Phil Yerington has decided to fight the good fight in district court in hopes of overturning the Davenport Police Department's (DPD) decision to terminate his employment as a police officer after 32 years of public service.
This article is part two of an in-depth look at the Davenport Civil Rights Commission's (DCRC) complaint process through the case of Inglore Nabb versus David Botsko. (See "Prosecutor, Judge, & Jury," Issue 503, November 17-23, 2004.
Nearly two weeks ago Davenport city officials received the Isle of Capri/Rhythm City Casino (IOC) draft development agreement for a hotel facility on downtown Davenport's riverfront. The controversial project has now moved from the "concept" stage to a draft proposal stage.
When David Botsko received a letter from the Davenport Civil Rights Commission (DCRC) dated March 16, 2000, notifying him that a former employee was suing him for discrimination and harassment, he could not have predicted that, nearly five years and approximately $40,000 later, he would still be defending his claim of innocence against a system that appears to simultaneously endow the DCRC with the powers and authority of a prosecutor, judge, and jury.
Last week, the Channel 6 newscast managed perhaps one of the most irresponsible pieces of local journalism this editor has witnessed to date. The news item dealt with ex-police officer Phil Yerington and the "uncovering of his record" relative to his being fired several weeks prior.
Now that the election is over, citizens can re-focus on the more immediate local issues that require their attention. Most important is the looming yet-to-be-officially-proposed-but-secretly-discussed-with-elected-officials "concept" of an 11-story casino hotel on downtown Davenport's limited riverfront.
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This year's general election includes the race between incumbent Dennis Conard and former Davenport mayor Phil Yerington for Scott County sheriff. Both candidates boast long-term careers in criminal justice. The sheriff's office has four primary areas of responsibility: jail management, courthouse security, service of all court orders, and rural-community policing.
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It confounds me that many city leaders are framing the issue of a new casino hotel on Davenport's downtown riverfront as a remedy for the current riverboat casino facility, specifically the porte cochere that connects to the boat.