We traditionally publish Project Censored's annual Top 10 Censored Stories because it is an opportunity to expose our readers to issues and subjects that are considered need-to-know information according to every known standard for newsworthy data.
Republicans and Democrats have given new meaning to the word hypocrisy. For example, one of the non-negotiable positions of Republicans is less government, not more. Yet the current Republican administration has created the largest bureaucracy in the history of our nation with the Homeland Security Act.
This week a presidential candidates' town-hall meeting was hosted in Philadelphia by the Sheet Metal Workers International Association to expose viewers to seven democratic candidates for president. The seven included Joseph Lieberman (U.
Let's look at the current headlines for a moment. Kobe Bryant's alleged criminal conduct. The alleged rape might have deserved a brief mention at the time the complaint was filed, but the news stations continue to make it the top story, complete with legal strategies and in-depth analysis of such.
Mainstream talk shows, whether radio or television, are becoming as irrelevant as their print counterparts. Interestingly, the majority of these are conservative in nature amidst what is widely considered a liberal media.
Had I mused for days I could not have conveyed the shortsighted mentality of area developers more perfectly than our own real-estate attorney/developer Steve Schalk in a recent Quad-City Times article on the city's plans for developing Prairie Heights, the property it owns at 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue.
I was referred to an article in the June 2003 issue of Mother Jones, considered a liberal publication, regarding a certain Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs, Alan Larson, who was appointed to the position under Clinton's administration but curiously retained it when Bush took office.
Mother's Day will prove difficult for my family this year due to the loss of my sister Gretchen in March. Reflecting on my parents' terrible ordeal, I have tended to focus on my father, whose relationship with my sister was an extraordinary one; therefore his loss has seemed paramount.
"Gretchen was a true individual who has the ability to relate to anyone in so many ways. Her honesty arose from the look in her eyes, humbleness from recognizing her own imperfections, and the love for life as she laughed from her innermost soul.
The Quad Cities experienced a devastating loss last week when prominent attorney and civic leader Bob Waterman unexpectedly passed away. Bob and his wife Kitty were neighbors for most of my life, and a good portion of my grandmother's.