When the loss of someone dear occurs, I can’t help but stop and reflect on how the measure of our lives is mostly defined by those unique and special humans that we love and are loved by. I find that the greatest blessings God bestows are the significant relationships that we enjoy throughout our lives.

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The notion that Davenport's City Council doesn't get paid enough to be professional politicians, and thereby is not entirely accountable for its actions as a council, especially on complex issues such as Tax Increment Financing (TIF), is ludicrous.
City leaders in Davenport claim that issuing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as an economic-development incentive to Ryan Companies for a six-story "Class A" office building in downtown Davenport is appropriate because it is image-altering.
It's no wonder that the three businesses located on Davenport's riverfront levee - Builders, River/Gulf Grain, and W.G. Block - are loath to give up the location. It is prime real estate that two of the three (Builders and River/Gulf Grain) lease for a song, complete with a spectacular view and centralized location.
What girl doesn't thrill at the sight of a glittering diamond, sparkling radiantly with every twinkle of light it catches, especially when she's wearing it? A quality diamond captivates us with its endless brilliance, almost like a symphony of pure light trading moments of sheer exuberance as the myriad facets dance maniacally within its form.
It is curious the Bush Administration would be faulted, or credited for that matter, for the sluggish economy based upon the president's income- and estate-tax cuts that passed in 2001, because most of those cuts will not take place until 2005 and 2006.
Downtown Davenport's "number one" corner at Second and Main is really coming to life these days. The exterior renovation of the Redstone (formerly Peterson/Von Maur Department Store) building as part of the Vision Iowa project is phenomenal.
Thanksgiving is relative. It almost always depends on your viewpoint. Americans can be thankful that the terror of 9/11 was a decidedly rare event for our nation when compared to the daily terror that plagues Middle Easterners.
I remember a time when journalists were an integral part of crime solving. There was a competitive edge to their investigations in order to scoop the story. Journalists rivaled one another, but they also rivaled authorities in their efforts to solve crimes.
It is hard to believe this is our 400th issue. It doesn't seem possible. It's been over nine years. Our first issue came out September 23, 1993. We were monthly for 20 issues and then bi-weekly for two in June of 1995, going weekly in July of that year.