RIBCO is known for bringing fairly diverse acts to its stage, especially quality metal bands. The show on Friday, November 22 combines heaviness and diversity in a way seldom seen (or heard) at the venue. Igneous, Cervine, Dead Emperors, and Daykeeper are bringing together unique strains of rock, doom, and progressive metal to create one memorable night of heavy music.


If you have any energy left after the Halloween weekend, head over to the Rock Island Brewing Company for an early show on Sunday night. Wake Brewing and LoPiez Pizza are sponsoring the show, which will paint the brick walls of RIBCO with three distinct shades of heavy.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (October 29, 2019) — Quad Citizens have a chance to celebrate Halloween a day early this week — in a historic nineteenth-century mansion. If you make it to Davenport's Renwick Mansion (901 Tremont Ave) on Halloween Eve, you'll have a reason to celebrate — a diverse mix of five bands, plus a special surprise.