BETTTENDORF, IOWA (October 5, 2021) — Generosity will never go out of style, but when it comes to taking advantage of the special charitable-giving tax-incentives Congress put on the table last year, time is of the essence. Dedicated to helping you conduct your giving in the best possible way, we’re here to walk you through the benefits of giving before 2021 is over.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (September 27, 2021) — Jennifer Hamerlinck RN knows better than most the toll that mental-health issues and other social and emotional barriers can take on a student’s ability to succeed. But as the director of the Mercer County Health Department’s Mental Health Action Program (MHAP), she also knows what a difference supporting students with the right resources can make.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (September 17, 2021) —The Quad Cities Community Foundation today announced the recipients of a total of $566,000 through its Coordinated Field of Interest Grant program. Made possible by donors to the Community Foundation, this year’s program pools resources from 11 different Field of Interest Funds as well as the Quad Cities Community Impact Fund.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (September 9, 2021) — When the leaders of Mercado on Fifth embarked on the renovation of the former Car Shop in Moline, the first thing they did was gut the building, knocking down non-­load-bearing walls, and opening up the ceiling to expose steel beams.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (September 8, 2021) — Like many educators, Steve Miller is eager to glean the best lessons of the pandemic to better serve students this year and into the future. Unlike many of his peers across the country, however, he has the benefit of significant financial resources to help his district take the next step.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (August 16, 2021) — Grants of up to $10,000 for projects dedicated to improving quality-of-life for residents of the Village of Milan, Illinois, are now available through the Grant W Brissman and Virginia M Brissman Foundation, a private foundation administered through the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (August 13, 2021) — Anne Calder, vice president of development at the Quad Cities Community Foundation, has been awarded the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropyâ (CAPâ) designation from the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School of the American College of Financial Services.

From left to right, Sherry Ristau, Kelly Thompson, Anne Calder, and Michelle Payne

BETTENDORF, IOWA (August 4, 2021) — As Sherry Ristau enters the final weeks of her tenure as president and CEO of the Quad Cities Community Foundation, one thing couldn’t be clearer to her: This is an organization that is ready to take its work to the next level.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (July 30, 2021) — After seven years leading the Quad Cities Community Foundation, President and CEO Sherry Ristau will step down from her position at the end of August to make way for further organizational — and regional — transformation.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (June 23, 2021) — The Quad Cities Community Foundation has announced the recipients of its spring 2021 Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants. With up to $15,000 in funding available for each project, the grants provide powerful support for investments in equipment and technology, training for staff and board members, and strategic planning work, among other areas.