As part of the centenary observance of the end of World War I, the Davenport Library will host a series of lectures discussing pivotal events of the War to End All Wars. The first in this series, “The Zimmerman Telegram and the US Entry into the War” will be held at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue) on Wednesday, September 13 at 2:00pm.

Join us for Saturday Storytime at the Davenport Library! This month’s theme is “Apple-y Ever After”, all about apples and harvesting. There will be stories, songs and a fun craft! Join us at Fairmount (3000 Fairmount Street) on Saturday September 16 at 10am for lots of apple-y fun!

Maria Nhambu will visit the Davenport Public Library to discuss her writing and share her love of her native Africa, its culture and rhythms. Join us at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue) on Saturday September 9 at 10:30am. Nhambu’s first book, Africa’s Child, is a memoir that describes her struggles and hardships growing up as a mixed race orphan in Tanzania.

Practice your frosting skills and learn new decorating techniques at the Davenport Public Library’s Cupcake School for grade-school kids! Cupcake School will be held at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue) on Thursdays beginning September 7 and running through September 28 at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue). Classes begin at 4:00pm. All supplies will be provided but space is limited and registration is required so sign up today!

Chi-Kung is a Chinese form of energy work. “Chi” means internal energy and “kung” refers to the diligent practice of a discipline. For centuries, the Chinese have used chi-kung practice to maintain and improve health.

Join us when Scott Caulpetzer, who has studied chi-kung for many years, will teach an introduction to this discipline at Main (321 Main Street) on Thursday August 31 at 12 pm noon.

Meditation provides ways to cope in a stress-filled, fast-paced, sometimes hostile environment by changing the one thing you have some control over – yourself. Join us at Main (321 Main Street) on Thursday, August 24 at noon with Scott Caulpetzer for an introduction that will focus on practical meditation skills for everyday life at work and at home.

Learn about the benefits of composting with Amy Kay, Clean Water Manager for the city of Davenport. We’ll make a large walk-in compost bin for less than ten dollars and one lucky attendee will get to take it home! Join us at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue) on Wednesday August 23 at 6:00pm and learn how to save money while improving your garden.

Tai chi ch’uan is a system of rounded, fluid and balanced movements based on ancient Chinese teachings of living in harmony with nature. Practiced daily, it promotes mental tranquility and improves physical fitness. Learn more about this gentle yet effective exercise with local Tai Chi teacher Scott Caulpetzer at Main (321 Main Street) on Thursday, August 17 at noon.

The must-read book of the summer and winner of the QC Libraries’ 2017 Teen Tournament of Books is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!

Red Queen beat out 29 other titles chosen from the 2018 Iowa High School Book Award & Lincoln Award: Illinois Teen Readers’ Choice nominees in a five round bracket-style tournament. Participants voted for books they have read and/or those they wish to read.

If you can’t make it to the solar eclipse’s path of totality, then come join us at Eastern (6000 Eastern Avenue) on Monday, August 21 at noon for a partial Solar Eclipse Viewing Party! We will be making pinhole cameras and other crafts before heading outside to the park behind Eastern to view this awesome event.