PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA (December 5, 2019) — The Rutherford Institute has come to the aid of an elderly Delaware woman who has alleged that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners groped her upper and lower body, including feeling inside the waistband of her pants, during a security screening at Philadelphia’s Internat

WASHINGTON DC (November 21, 2019) — The US Supreme Court has refused to review the case of a Hispanic man who was sentenced to death — and subsequently subjected to eight years of solitary confinement for up to 22 hours a day, which is tantamount to physical torture — based on an expert witness’ racist testimony suggesting that Hispanics po

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA (October 2, 2019) — In a victory for common-sense and the rights of citizens to not have their lawful First-Amendment activity chilled by egregious, excessive government-security protocols, officials with the City of Charlottesville have agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by The Rutherford Institute.

WASHINGTON DC (September 26, 2019) — Denouncing state laws that claim to advocate for school choice while discriminating against individuals who favor private schools with religious ties, The Rutherford Institute has asked the US Supreme Court to reject a provision of Montana’s constitution that prohibits students from using scholarship