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Intervening in the Illinois Commerce Commission's protocol, via trial by jury, is the best way to stop the carbon dioxide pipeline project.

World class athletes have always just dropped dead of heart attacks out of the blue

Just four-and-a-half months since President Biden declared an end to the COVID “emergency,” the media is suddenly full of stories about the return of COVID. This time a new “variant” is being rolled out, and the media, in collusion with Big Pharma and the fear-industrial complex, are churning out stories about how forced masking is making a comeback.

[Publisher's note: On June 28, 2023, TheGrayzone.com's Max Blumenthal addressed the U.N. Security Council on the role of U.S. military aid to Ukraine in escalating the conflict with Russia and the real motives behind Washington’s support for Kiev’s proxy war. Below is the news site's transcript of Blumenthal's incisive remarks.]

On Sunday evening, May 28, 2023, six stories of the west wall of the building known as The Davenport at 324 Main Street in downtown Davenport collapsed. Three people lost their lives in the tragedy. There is much controversy about city inspections, accountability and the building's owner Andrew Wold. Numerous lawsuits are in play. The building was originally a hotel built in 1907, had more than 50 tenants renting at the time of the collapse, and has since been demolished. Below, we publish the updates the city of Davenport chief strategy officer Sarah Ott issued to local and national media, in the order in which they were released.

Power corrupts. We know this. In fact, we know this from experience learned the hard way at the hands of our own government. So why is anyone surprised to learn that the FBI, one of the most power-hungry and corrupt agencies within the police state’s vast complex of power-hungry and corrupt agencies, misused a massive government surveillance database more than 300,000 times in order to target American citizens? This is how the government operates, after all.

There is circumstantial evidence the Supreme Court sought to facilitate the impact the 2008 financial collapse. This collapse was utilized to transfer middle class wealth from this nation’s people to its Wall Street sociopaths – a plan which the facts suggest has resulted in one of the most massive genocides ever known.

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The only way slavery and genocide can exist openly in a society is with the participation of the government – and indirectly the people. In the United States, the final check on tyranny was supposed to be the judicial department, composed of courts governed by judges whose judicial power was intended to be checked by juries of citizens.

We hear much about the climate crisis, and rightly so. What many of us fail to appreciate is that our disregard for the well-being of biodiversity, is as grave a threat to humans as climate change is, because it is healthy, productive ecosystems, not Best Buy or Costco, that support us, and it is biodiversity that makes ecosystems healthy and productive. To put it bluntly, we are destroying the natural world that we cannot live without.

Shadowproof and Project Censored present a conversation between Kevin Gosztola and Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg to mark the release of Kevin’s book Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange. The book is available from Censored Press and Seven Stories Press. It is a crucial and compelling guide to the United States government’s case against the WikiLeaks founder and the implications for press freedom.

The “Twitter Files” are explosive revelations of political censorship by a social-media giant colluding with the federal government and certain activist groups.