the day when higher-speed passenger-train tracks are laid between the
current traffic lanes of the interstate highway system. Imagine the
day in the future when you decide to take your family on vacation
across the country and instead of loading up the car for a multi-day
trip or going to the airport, you get on the train at the interstate
highway near your home for a fast, energy-efficient, and
cost-effective trip that is not connected to Amtrak.

holidays are here again. That means it's time for decorations,
gifts, family, friends, and food. But during all the celebrating,
seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D should carve out time to consider
whether they want to stay with their current prescription drug plan.

new policy of "test optional" admissions is an end run around a
recent court decision banning race-based preferences in student
admissions, specifically the controversy that surrounded the
University of Michigan. (See "Scrubbing Bubbles," River
Cities' Reader
Issue 659,
November 14-20, 2007.) Augustana simply wants to discriminate against
whites and males without civil liability and has found a way to do


Jim Richter

the Reader
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Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the central statistic the federal
government uses to calculate inflation. The CPI is a statistic used
by the government to track the cost of goods and services. Beginning
with the Jimmy "I will never lie to you" Carter administration,
food and energy were removed from the CPI because of the volatility
in pricing of these items, but that has since been extended to
include anything that reflects unstable or volatile pricing. This was
done because this volatility in pricing interfered with long-range
projections concerning inflation.

gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, and for
persons who have never smoked, chances are much greater of developing
lung cancer if exposed to high levels of radon gas over a period of

article "Building a Better Promise" was informative and timely.
(See River Cities' Reader
Issue 654, October 10-16, 2007.) I had a general sense that the idea
has potential as an economic-development tool, but didn't know any
of the specifics. Your article helped fill in the specifics (as they
are known) and pointed out the serious questions about funding,
timing, and applicability.

find it is disgusting when insecure people regurgitate the ancient
fables of the Bible as a justification for their bigotry. I would
like to address the Rock Island man who, in a letter to the Quad-City
, was criticizing the
print media for not mentioning "Christians" in their coverage of
the court rulings regarding gay marriage in Iowa. I would remind him
that our Constitution guarantees our freedom from a theocracy (in
spite of the Bush administration).

state Senator from Bettendorf, Linda Miller, asks why we do not have
a vote on banning gay marriage in Iowa. We do not need a "Defense
of Marriage" act. Marriage does not need to be defended from all
the wonderful, caring, loving gay and lesbian adults I know in the
eastern Iowa who are in long-term relationships, many of them raising
children, and simply living their lives as are heterosexuals.

the November 2006 election, the sentiment of the majority of
Americans to end the war in Iraq continues to increase. A July Gallup
Poll reported the highest-ever level of opposition to the war with 62
percent saying the U.S. made a mistake sending troops to Iraq.

you watching the same city council I am? (See "Ever Thought About
Running for Office?"
Cities' Reader
#644, August 1-7, 2007.) You're choosing to support the worst of
the worst!