" by John Whitehead is confusing. (See River
Cities' Reader
Issue 699,
August 27-September 2, 2008.)

the first place, Rick Warren is not "America's pastor." There
is no "America's pastor" any more than there is "America's
rabbi" or "America's imam." If we could get that straight,
perhaps our presidential candidates would not feel like they have to
"pander" to us. Rick Warren is a nice guy, but he is not "the
future of Christianity in America." We have thousands of spiritual
leaders in our country. A few of them are brilliant and/or
charismatic. Most of them are simply faithful and hard-working. We
should listen to them, study our own sacred texts, and, yes, "speak
truth to power."

will start by taking for granted that most people feel that our
economy is struggling and that higher prices are being felt. But why
is our economy struggling?

will start by taking for granted that most people feel that our economy
is struggling and that higher prices are being felt.  But why is our
economy struggling? 

One of the biggest reasons is inflation.  So, what
exactly is inflation and why is it a problem?  Inflation has recently
been redefined as a rise in prices; however, real inflation is an
increase in the money supply (a.k.a. printing money and credit out of
thin air), and this leads to overall higher prices.

For our dollar, the
increase in the money supply has been alarming and devastating to
everyday Americans.  The money supply inflation has been at about 15 percent,
which is much higher than most Americans' yearly pay raise.  This is
devastating to Americans because our earnings and savings are worth
less and less; for example, it takes $3.60 to buy a gallon of gas
instead of $2.

you for considering my request to publish my positions as the
Republican candidate for Scott County Attorney. My 30-plus years in
practice and 10 years as an Assistant Scott County Attorney
prosecuting felony drug cases will guide my actions as county
attorney and provide the following to the citizens of Scott County.


When City Hall dispatched LeClaire
Park into the hands of casino hotel developers, the discussion was held
in the third floor conference room of the
Kahl Building
-the only public notice, tacked up on a City
Hall kiosk that afternoon.

J. Buchanan, three times contender for U.S. president ('92, '96,
and 2000) and syndicated columnist seen in the Quad-City
, in his December 2007
book Day of Reckoning
identifies the great illusion that is fatally eroding the USA's
economic strength and world economic leadership: free trade.


Best of ... ?

understand that money talks. I understand voters need to be heard.
(See "Best of the Quad Cities," River
Cities' Reader
Issue 671,
February 13-19, 2008.)

was angered by the utterly uninformed op-ed piece by a guest
columnist Mark Hendrickson on an issue of great importance to our
national security. (See "Should the Senate Ratify the U.N. Sea
" River Cities' Reader
Issue 670, February 7-13, 2008.) For starters: the LOS Treaty gives
responsibility to the U.N. - nor, for that matter, did the U.N.
"adopt it" as Mr. Hendrickson's screed erroneously states;
"U.N." appears in its title merely because the diplomatic
conference that negotiated it was convened 35 years ago pursuant to a
U.N. General Assembly Resolution.

am writing to express my concerns about Iowa House File 852, the act
relating to a "real-time electronic repository" to monitor and
control over-the-counter products containing any detectable amount of
pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, etc. This new act is very expensive
($230,000 to $288,000) to be payed out of the State General Fund,
plus an ongoing cost of $30,000 to $86,000. Does the State of Iowa
need to spend this much more money when the current laws have proven
to be effective?

I'm a big fan of Rock Island/Milan School District #41. Now and in the past it has provided quality education for the community, my children included, and leads the Quad Cities in any number of educational areas.

But I cannot support the February 5 referendum to restructure the district's schools.