Is Twitter a Trojan Horse?

Is Twitter a Trojan Horse?

The corporate media fabricated “misinformation” and “fake news” crises funded by the uni-party overlords inside the so-called “conservative” and “liberal” Democratic and Republican party oligarchies currently enable mass distraction away from government accountability and self-determinate solutions.

Regardless, with independent social media, video, and podcasting proliferation this last decade, more and more “Alternative Media” voices have organically grown their own substantial tribes. To remain remotely relevant, mainstream information distribution platforms have had to begrudgingly give more oxygen to such un-approved “alt-media” messaging. Not a bad or undeserved status, given the track record of paid-for lies and propaganda continuously vomited up by politicians and pundits alike.

Today, public notoriety historically akin to establishment spokespersons such as Walter Cronkite or even Winston Churchill is now enjoyed inside the new digital wonderverse by select content generators who challenge the “Great Narrative.” These brands include Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Add in the sheik billionaire Elon Musk's purported Twitter free-speech emancipation into X, and the seed is planted that a ragtag group of info-mavericks are finally rising to prominence that will save us from our tyrannical overlords.

This current hero-worship recipe warrants great caution.

Please note, this is not an attack on any of the individuals above. I have always advocated for, and will continue to advocate for, widespread access to more voices. Nor does this mean concepts presented by anti-establishment or alternative media are always accurate and should pervade unquestioned. Likewise, this healthy skepticism doesn’t mean that these “info-mavericks” have nefarious motives or their perspectives have no value. There is no downside to dissenting a professed agenda unable to provide adequate answers.

Shape-Shifting Lizard People Aside, Icke Has a Good Point

In the alternative media sphere, there is probably no one of more prominence that I have interviewed on a number of issues than David Icke. Icke has been around since the '90s asserting astonishing claims few others will regarding power mongering high-profile pedophilia and occult rituals, the nature of our reality, and who really runs things. Now I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not believe in shape-shifting lizard people, or that we live in a virtual reality simulation, or a number of other positions David has taken over the years. Yet I have always had a great respect for him because he has never bent the knee. If you disagree with him, so be it. “Believe something else then,” Icke will flatly say. And, I do. This has not stopped me from broadcasting video interviews with Icke over the years and hearing him out with an open mind.

Recently, Icke threw down about the timing and agenda for Elon Musk reinstating Alex Jones' social media account on Twitter/X after being banned for nearly three years.

“Of course, Alex Jones is back on Twitter/X. As I have been writing here, the 'poll' and waiting for God Elon’s pronouncement has all been a GAME to hijack your perception and that of the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM) … .

“You are being had, people, but most will never get that. They only see what is in front of their eyes, not what is weaved through what they think they see. The decision was made a long time ago and the Carlson interview with Jones was just the calculated prelude to it.

“The interview was the setup for what was long planned. Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the ritual had to be played out to both eulogize Musk, the new MAM God, and to put Alex Jones center stage as a symbol of the Mainstream Alternative Media alongside Musk, [Tucker] Carlson, [Joe] Rogan, [Andrew] Tate, [Jordan] Peterson, [Russel] Brand, [Eva] Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest.” And the term “MAMMIES” was born.


Controlled Opposition or Blind Spots?

While Icke's critique is worthy, I have a different take. I cut my broadcasting teeth on Alex Jones' infamous and beloved Infowars network. I was the first person to have their own show on the Infowars network and was fortunate to get to stand-in host for Alex himself from time to time.  Alex was executive producer on several films where we documented the reach and power of a “new world order” inside our own federal government: Loose Change: Final Cut, Fabled Enemies, and Invisible Empire. Eerily. as I was typing this article, his producer called me to host the fourth hour of his January 2 broadcast.

For the last couple years, I've been fortunate to meet thousands of open-minded concerned citizens as a guest speaker at numerous Reawakening America events. My presentations focused on transgenderism as the transhumanism gateway to a post-human world.

We all have our blind spots. Nothing assures me of this more than spending time with fellow speakers on this tour in private and having extended conversations that go in all sorts of directions. Nobody knows everything, nobody has all the answers. It's also called being human.

This, of course, does not mean that controlled opposition doesn’t exist, or that I suddenly love Elon Musk. I far from trust Elon Musk and documented why in the November 2022 Reader edition. Musk is dangerous in almost all of his public endeavors. From his Starlink/Black Jack satellite launches to his Tesla partnership with CureVac to print up the MRNA shots to his now FDA-approved brain chip Neuralink, there are plenty of reasons to question him. That only scratches the surface when it comes to Musk.

Regardless, all the “info-mavericks” cited thus far have their criticisms both real and contrived.

Just because Vivek Ramaswamy is saying all the right things on the debate stage doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be questioned about his background in bio-tech and the pharmaceutical industry where he made his billions. Just because Andrew Tate talks about strong men and masculinity doesn’t mean he didn’t make his money in the pornography and gambling business while proudly espousing “pimping” women in video after video. Just because Jordan Peterson talks about self-responsibility and accountability doesn’t mean he hasn’t been beholden to big pharma medications and is prone to visually breaking down on camera. Just because Russel Brand is now exposing the World Economic Forum and globalism doesn’t mean he wasn’t a Hollyweird entertainer who openly was a drug and sex addict at one point. The same type of examples can be used for any of the individuals above including Icke, Jones, Rogan, Tucker, and even myself.


We're All Human

In itself, this is the larger point: Trust no one and nothing when it comes to media until you have tried to inform yourself with as much information as possible from all sides, and used a healthy amount of time discerning what you believe to be the reality of the situation. A headline isn’t going to do it, an op-ed in your favorite media outlet isn’t enough, an anonymous post on a message board won’t help you understand, and a humorous meme isn’t effective at creating real change. Accountability and systemic change won't arrive because we like, share, and subscribe to a newly blessed info-maverick.

Some self-professed change agents are more accurate than others, some are more honest, some more tenacious, some more hilarious, and some more nefarious. They are all human and will all have positives and negatives. It's our opportunity to leverage the best of the new information we learn into local freedom, peace, prosperity, accountability, and proper checks and balances as our Constitution and Bill of Rights requires.

When it comes to the Mainstream Alternative Media's or “MAMMIES'” current ascension, one cannot help reflect on the two competing catchphrases popularized by the OG conspiracy theory show of all time, The X Files: ”Trust No One” versus “I Want To Believe”.


Jason Bermas is a content creator, activist, and documentary filmmaker behind such films as Loose Change: Final Cut, Fabled Enemies, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, and Shade: The Motion Picture. Working in alternative media for more than 15 years, Bermas encourages people to do their own research and be their own hero. To learn more, go to

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