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"Teacher Leave Those Kids Alone" by Ed Newman

The Line is Blurred Between Cheaters and Noble Liars

This week is the second anniversary of the January 6, 2021, debacle, for which a special House investigation was initiated in an effort to prove it was instigated by then-president Donald Trump. The investigation was concluded for nine defective congressmen, most of whom will not be returning to Congress. But for nearly 1000 American citizens are being harassed, arrested, and prosecuted (many of whom have not had their due process or day in court) for alleged crimes committed while exercising their First Amendment-protected rights to peacefully assemble, free speech, and petition for redress of grievances, there are no resolutions, no closure, and mostly no justice.

[Note: Please also read Petitioning for Redress of the Bamboozle, the companion piece published in our January printed editon and online.]

The most destructive contributor to widespread socioeconomic decline and growing chaos is the slow degradation of good people from all walks of life, whether Progressive, Liberal, or Conservative, who are willing to cheat to “win” at all cost. They engage in seriously bad acts that they don't consider bad acts, let alone serious ones.

Examples of such acts include stuffing drop-boxes with ineligible and/or fraudulent ballots, ignoring laws and rules that govern processes to secure elections, reducing transparency and limiting public access and participation in elections, sabotaging voter equipment, software programs, and voter registration rolls, manipulating election reporting, loading voter rolls prior to an election then unloading those same rolls after elections to avoid detection, commingling absentee, mail-in, and in-person ballots to confound adjudication of ballots and/or sabotage future audits of elections, purposely neglecting verification of eligibility (e.g. signature comparisons), deliberately miscounting, adding or subtracting ballots from the totals, disregarding chain-of-custody for ballots, tallies, election data when transferring between locations, and unlawfully destroying possible evidence, such as deleting an entire election database, and accepting large infusions of partisan funds to influence election outcomes in strategic locations.

The above bad acts constitute widespread “irregularities” that occurred in 2020-2022 U.S. elections in various counties in nearly every state, but most observably in states that received some portion of the $450 million Zuckerbucks that the Center for Tech and Civil Learning (CTCL) spread around, facilitating election corruption.

These election irregularities and more, to some degree, have occurred for decades, and most certainly prevailed in the last three elections (2020 General election, 2022 Primary and Midterm elections). We have to be deliberately obtuse to deny election anomalies, irregularities, illegalities, and outright criminality, especially in the larger urban centers in swing states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada), let alone dismiss the sheer magnitude of it all.

Hand Counting Ballots Is the Only Reliable Method

For starters, during the 2022 Midterm election here in Scott County, the Secretary of State flagged what it called 470 unaccounted for ballots after the election closed and votes had been tallied. And while it turned out there were only 47 unaccounted for ballots, the subsequent administrative recounts done internally by the Auditor reversed the previously reported legislator election outcome in that district. Mutually agreed upon candidate representatives (including two former county supervisors and a district attorney) took 10 days to hand recount the ballots. The result was the election swinging back to the originally declared winner with a small nine-vote victory. While this was resolved without much controversy and to most everyone's satisfaction, many participants in the hand recount are now convinced the vote counting machines are unreliable.

Now consider the following numbers relative to the 2020 election, according to Joe Holt's references in his book The Steal: [Editor's Note: The data presented here is a matter of public record and available through all Secretaries of State.]

In Georgia, Trump lost by 12,000 votes. Of the 600,000 ballots that were from drop boxes, 300,000 had no chain of custody documentation and by law should have been disqualified but were not. Clearly, had they been, Trump might have won Georgia. It is not unreasonable to question this irregularity.

In Arizona, it was far worse, as Maricopa County had no chain of custody documentation for 740,000 ballots. Maricopa had no idea where those 740,000 ballots came from, therefore by law should also have been disqualified, but were not. Trump lost Arizona by 10,000 votes, elevating his concerns substantially. Coincidentally, Kari Lake (Quad Cities native) lost her gubernatorial election by approximately the same number in Maricopa County at the eleventh hour, by 10,000 votes.

In Wisconsin, 100,000 ballots miraculously appeared in the early morning and processed with zero chain of custody documentation in defiance of their election laws. Meanwhile, where did they come from? And in New Mexico's Dona Ana County, 8,000 ballots arrived out of the blue and were unlawfully counted without any chain of custody verification, either. These four irregularities alone could have changed the outcome of the presidential election had they been investigated and ordered to comply to their laws. Imagine this problem multiplied exponentially across the nation, and not just for presidential elections but for the down ballot elections, as well. And this is just the tip of the election vulnerability iceberg.

The worm has turned here, so that election deniers are now those who ignore the mounting evidence of election tampering, as opposed to those who are willing to consider such evidence in the spirit of eliminating such vulnerability whether malfeasance or incompetence, and restoring free and fair elections. Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) continues to claim that 61 hearings were held by all manner of judges who unanimously ruled that there was no evidence of election fraud and dismissed the cases. What a load of double-dipped hooey.

None of the 61 cases Representative Raskin refers to ever heard a scintilla of evidence during a single one of those hearings, instead dismissing them all on technicalities, such as plaintiffs filing too soon, or filing to late, or not having standing – pick one. Not a single hearing included the presentation of evidence, then ruled against based on the merits of that evidence. And Jamie Rapscallion knows it.

The abuse of authority to ascend in power and privilege by politiopaths is as old as time. But be clear, we are equally culpable as cheaters and abusers when we condone, turn a blind eye, even commend such conduct because we approve of the outcomes certain cheating delivers, in other words if our side wins. That's known as the “Noble Lie.” The danger lies in the contagious rot of such selfish morality. It spirals and eventually infects entire populations, then generations.

Either free speech is objectively protected for all or for none. If the ability to speak freely is based on subjective, arbitrary criteria, then who decides what that criteria is? How many times has mankind traveled this progressively regressive path to eventual tyrannical misery? America has been the destination of hope for millions of peoples precisely because, as a Constitutional Republic, we do things differently from other democracies and dictatorships – such as enshrine equal protection under the law versus equitable protection under the whim of an administrative judge.

The January 6 Select Committee's Version of Events Is a Trove of Misinformation

I have kept my powder dry covering election integrity and the January 6t 2021 protest of the 2020 election. These two events cannot be decoupled from one another, especially because the underbelly of both is far more pernicious than most Americans can fathom. Throw the COVID pandemic into the mix, followed by an acceleration of economic-destroying policies, including looming food and energy shortages, and we have a blueprint for socioeconomic chaos, for which globalists stand ready to restore order for mankind.

Biden's legacy appears to be to deliver the final blows to the U.S. economy, and by association most other economies around the planet, upending things while simultaneously restoring the globalists schedule after a brief sidelining during Trump's term – only because the Davos cartel doesn't fancy orange-man-bad.

A curious thing too, considering Trump contributed his share of debilitating policies, such as (1) retaining Blackrock to manage U.S. Treasury assets, (2) giving Warp Speed to Moderna and Public Health authority to Fauci, both of whom already held interest and/or patents for mRNA gene therapies for SARS-CoV-2, and (3) ushering in Federal Accounting Rule 56 that allows government entities to keep two sets of books, one authentic and one for public consumption, in the name of national security while all but annihilating transparency and actionable accountability.

It sure explains why these congressional Progressive politiopaths spend like drunken sailors, enriching themselves along the way, and doing a colossal bunch of nothing except protecting their fiefdoms when billions of our tax dollars go missing, coincidentally after obscene legislative appropriations, such as the billions sent to Ukraine that have gone missing, making the $2 billion lost in Iraq look like chump change.

But the real enablers of this unprecedented financial corruption by government (estimated at upwards of $50 trillion worldwide) is a society at large with its collective cheating heart. Otherwise, why would a law-abiding citizenry ever tolerate such abuse of power and privilege for even a second?

The Slow Creep of Demoralizing Violations of Their Oaths and Our Rights

Which brings me appropriately to the epic abuses by the U.S. government relative to January 6 protestors arrested, charged, and imprisoned with mostly misdemeanor offenses – none with insurrection – yet treated miserably, even tortured! Specifically the FBI, who continues to conduct swat raids meant to terrorize seniors and/or families who attended the January 6 rally, deploy multiple investigative tactics that cause great fallout for those protestors, including lost relationships and livelihoods, and countless instances of intrusive surveillance without sufficient probable cause warrants.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) continues its campaign of domestic terror, weaponizing the law for prosecution in lowly lawfare courts, where activist judges are incapable of neutral judicial forbearance or balanced consideration of compelling evidence. Instead they project their political biases against orange-man-bad with impunity by adjudicating protestors using gross injustices that devastate entire families.

In nearly 100 percent of the cases to date, the punishment is far worse than the crime and severely disproportionate to rulings for far worse bad acts by BLM and Antifa rioters during their rampages just a year prior, where hundreds of police officers died with billions in damages. [Correction on the previous statement is found here https://www.rcreader.com/commentary/correction-for-noble-lies-article] Protestors are receiving prison sentences along with years-long probation for trespassing compared to Antifa and BLM who mostly had all charges dropped for starting fires, destroying property and hospitalizing officers.

The Select Committee for the January 6 Insurrection has no limits on its willingness to deceive, pervert or twist facts, even history, whatever it takes to defeat Trump's chances for running in 2024. If that means a massive fiction for American consumption, so be it.

Throughout the hearings, committee members consistently referred to death and destruction, attributing the deaths of five Capitol Police Officers to January 6, even though Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died from a stroke 48 hours after January 6 (his death confirmed by the coroner as due to natural causes), and the other four officers, Gunther Hashida, Jeffery Smith, Howard Liebengood, and Kyle DeFreytag, each died from suicides in the months that followed January 6.

Is it me or is that just awful? And what are the odds that four police officers serving in the same unit would take their lives, all within six months following January 6? This did not prevent Congress from exploiting their deaths as men who lost their lives defending democracy, misleading Americans into believing protestors were responsible. Officer Sicknick's body lay in state in the Rotunda for 24 hours, an honor reserved for presidents and dignitaries.

But the most craven offenders of the official January 6 narrative's distortions are the mainstream media and social media in partnership with NGOs, PR firms, lawfare practitioners, and foundations who either facilitate and/or fund most political propaganda, while omitting/suppressing game-changing relevant facts and information.

Permanent stains on legacies are reserved for every single participant who violated their oaths of office on a daily basis to violate the constitutionally protected rights of thousands of U.S. citizens exercising their First Amendment protected rights of free speech, assembling, and redress for grievances. Equally as egregious, many of these same citizens' protected rights to due process under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments have been, and continue to be, violated on a daily basis, unchecked and unpunished because our nation of civic sloths are silent.

Crafting an Insurrection Out of Whole Cloth

The nearly 1,000 protestors who have been interrogated, arrested and/or charged are mere pawns in a political ruse that couldn't muster five seconds of credibility without the cooperation, collusion, suppression, and censorship by mainstream and social media. These media collaborators participated via coordinated scripts rotated repeatedly 24/7 to anchor the messaging of insurrection and violence to convince Americans and the world that the January 6 protest was a MAGA insurrection led by Donald Trump to overthrow our democracy.

Initially, millions were falsely led to believe that an insurrection was orchestrated by well over a million random protestors pushing strollers or walkers, wearing fanny packs and some version of the flag plastered somewhere, singing hymns and praying, taking endless selfies for the FBI's use in later tracking them down for interrogation and incarceration, sharing food and water, talking, laughing, playing flutes, lutes and violas while dancing and generally frolicking … you know, all the things that insurrectionists do during a coup.

How sad is it to learn that Congress are such self-loathing chicken littles that they actually fear this super majority of avowed peace-loving huggers? Senator Mitt Romney, alias Pierre Delecto, was caught by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman sneaking away from his comrades down an empty hall searching for a hidey-hole. When Romney was advised to return to chambers where he'd be safer, he literally ran back in compliance.

The video clips used throughout the January 6 hearings to convey violent mayhem afoot was a compilation of mere minutes, cherry-picked for effect by former ABC President James Goldston, who was hired by the Committee to produce the hearings for primetime television. These clips are suspiciously few in number considering there is over 14,000 hours of video footage from that day, otherwise unreleased to the public. And in many cases are not accessible to January 6 protestors for their defenses.

Meanwhile the truncated video clips chosen are haphazard, unfocused, shaky and sporadic, with audibly garbled yelling, made more unintelligible by the raised volumes for effect. The videos successfully conveyed an overall sense of chaotic turmoil, while simultaneously making it impossible for viewers to drill down on specific aspects of most of it.

More importantly, nothing in these videos would qualify as evidence in a court of law due to the lack of specificity and confusion of the scenes. To this point, affidavits and testimonies abound averring the violence between police and protestors shown in these clips were largely police instigated, resulting in protestors forced to defend themselves and others around them.

For perspective, Congress evacuated the Capitol approximately 2 p.m. after being alerted to the discovery of a pipe bomb outside the Democrat's headquarters, yet were back conducting business by 8 p.m. that same evening, after the bomb was neutralized and the purported insurrection foiled.

As insurrections go, January 6 might qualify as the shortest coup in history, executed without a single firearm found in the possession of well over one million protestors, and a host of law enforcement locked and loaded in a 30-minute radius from the Capitol if needed. Which they weren't, especially because there were plenty of undercover FBI and intelligence agents lurking, perhaps keeping the well-documented cadre of provocateurs in check until needed.

Maybe it would help to define the requirements for an official “insurrection,” as author Julie Kelly explains in her outstanding book January 6, “To be considered an insurrection or attempted coup as opposed to a spontaneous riot, a violent attack upon the seat of government needs to meet certain basic criteria. It must be organized and coordinated; it must be armed; above all, it must have a plan of action once it seizes the reins of power. Ultimately none of the conditions necessary to meet either the legal definition or the popular understanding of an “insurrection” have been shown to exist in this case.”

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the Select Committee conducted yet another patently unfair, epically biased investigation in congress' tried and trite spirit of contorting facts to fashion an official fiction that was literally produced for primetime. The hearings did not allow for any competing or contrary evidence, let alone opportunities for the maligned to defend scurrilous accusations.

GovInfo has a useful compilation at its website, where you can access the videos used during the hearings, the 845 page Final Report on the Select Committee's January 6 Investigation released December 22, 2022, and a trove of documents and transcribed testimonies referenced. That said, there is a strong likelihood that the larger trove of documents, testimonies, and 14,000 hours of video footage not used during the hearings, will be sealed for 20 years on the say-so of Nancy Pelosi as part of House rules governing committee investigations. (GovInfo.gov/collection/january-6th-committee-final-report.)

However, because this committee's construct has had legitimacy problems from the jump, perhaps that will provide a pathway to recover the rest of the trove, especially because in all probability there is exculpatory evidence that could help thousands of protestors still marked for persecution.

Back to Reality Concerning January 6 Redress of Grievances

It is important to recall what the January 6, 2021, protest was really about – a call to Vice President Pence and Congress to grant requests by states for 10-day reprieves from certifying their states to allow for investigations of election irregularities. The official narrative of a planned insurrection to reinstall Trump as president falls decidedly short. Protestors were not there to overthrow our democracy, or to stop the transfer of power as media repeatedly, albeit deceptively, reports.

Logically speaking, it would be completely counterproductive for Trump supporters to stop the Joint Session while state representatives are making their case for delaying their state's certifications, the very thing protestors enthusiastically supported.

The disruption of these proceedings gave Congress the necessary cover to renege and withdraw all objections to certification of their states. Vice President Pence had already determined he would reject any requests for 10-day reprieves based on his perceived lack of constitutional authority. In the end, blanket certification of all state electors occurred precisely because of the chaos ensuing, while simultaneously being labeled a Trump-led insurrection with no persuasive evidence to date for such an exaggerated allegation.

Again, logically speaking, who would benefit from foregoing the traditional Joint Session for state-by-state presentments of electoral votes, including blanket dismissal of any state's request for a 10-day grace period to investigate their state's potential election irregularities? Ten Senators made it known that they also intended to object to their state's certification along with their House representatives, but abandoned this effort upon news of an attempted insurrection. It appears Biden is the clear beneficiary, no contest.

Select Committee member Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who emphatically challenged the 2016 electoral votes for years after Trump beat Hillary, is now the lawfare practitioner criticizing Trump for doing the same thing. This is typical of self-unaware Progressives. He and his ilk give all new meaning to arbitrary and capricious.

There are reams of evidence available for Americans to put together what really happened on January 6. Because so much of it is suppressed and censored in the mainstream and social media, the public must rely on reliable independent resources for exploration of the numerous critically relevant omissions.

The Truth About the Lives Lost on January 6

Four protestors lost their lives at the hands of Capitol Police on January 6. Ashlee Babbitt (34), Roseanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson (55) and Benjamin Phillips. Kevin died from cardiac arrest after being pummeled by Capitol Police with chemicals (tear gas, pepper spray), flash bang grenades, and projectile rubber bullets. Benjamin died from a stroke. The police had the advantage from above as they positioned on the inaugural terrace, while protestors were congregated in a fairly tight crowd of people below, away from the Capitol building, but in easy range of the gas, flash bang grenades, and rubber bullets.

Roseanne died in the infamous Capitol's West Tunnel clash between protestors and Capitol Police, covered in depth in various documentaries challenging the official narrative. These videos clearly show the unprovoked attacks by some Capitol police officers on protestors, and the shock, pleading, and eventual anger such assaults provoked from otherwise peaceful protestors. It should be noted that Trump has held many large rallies over the past five years without a hint of trouble from attendees. To unceremoniously claim these supporters suddenly turned into violent insurrectionists cannot be supported by any credible evidence presented to date.

Roseanne was caught up in the group being flanked and herded toward the West Tunnel entrance, whereupon she was hit with gas, began choking, then lost her footing. A young man seeing her distress tried desperately to help her, yelling for assistance but remaining at her side. He was holding her when she passed. Two of the officers who finally came to help and carry her into the Capitol to await the EMTs were also two of the four officers who testified in the second Select Committee hearing, never mentioning a word of this horror.

The media reported she was an addict and died from a meth overdose. But when her long-held prescription for Aderal could no longer be suppressed, and the coroner debunked any signs of an overdose, the media had to give up that lie and chose to ignore her death altogether.

Ashlee Babbit, a 34-year-old Air Force police officer veteran, was unarmed as she attempted to crawl through a transom window into a hallway where a few staffers were milling around clearly unperturbed by the commotion on the other side of the hallway door. Ashlee was defenseless and an easy shot for Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd who can be seen taking aim from a nearby doorway, waiting for a clear shot, and killed her, claiming he believed his life was threatened. After which Officer Byrd was not investigated, instead exonerated of any wrong doing. Epoch Times' documentary clearly shows Ashlee trying to prevent provocateurs breaching the House hallway, hardly the act of a dangerous insurrectionist.

Every liberal and conservative I know embraces free and fair elections, believes deeply in our Bill of Rights, most especially the First Amendment protections of freedom of speech, worship, assemblage, the press, and redress of grievances; and in the Fourth through Eighth Amendments' protections of due process applied equally under the law. With these Amendments in mind, buckle up because the official January 6 narrative is wildly twisted, with a highly coordinated contortion of facts that should insult average Americans regardless of political party affiliation.

Below are some compelling facts culled from the sources listed below. Please avail yourselves to these resources, regardless of politics, because truth is never found at the extreme edges, its almost always in the middle. Furthermore there are still fellow Americans languishing in prisons for crimes that have zero justification for any jail-time, some in solitary confinement for misdemeanor charges, some still not yet adjudicated.

The Web site American Gulag keeps a fairly current list of the FBI's arrests for January 6 participants, an ongoing operation despite the mountains of countervailing evidence. They are not enforcing the law, they are legally bullying participants because they can. There is no one challenging these unconstitutional acts in violation of their oaths and our rights. The DOJ and FBI are secure in the media's protection, and have the endorsement of a Progressive congress. Average everyday people have to organize and challenge these policies, arrests, and violations because if we won't defend our own rights, why should they?

January 6 defendants can't get decent legal representation because (a) many lawyers are being threatened with unemployment and even disbarment if they accept such cases; (b) are forced to accept the counsel of Public Defenders who openly disdain them and too often work cooperatively on behalf of the prosecutors' offices; and (c) lack of funds to pay a decent attorney because incarceration don't pay the regular bills, let alone attorney’s fees.

Most protestors are presumed guilty without innocence, in open defiance of our founding presumption of innocence doctrine. Glenn Greenwald exposed the despicable prosecutorial abuse occurring relative to January 6 defendants, where the prosecutor threatens to increase charges to domestic terrorism if defendants resist the lesser charges facing them.

These prosecutorial bullies threaten defendants with much harsher sentences using their prerogative of “prosecutorial overcharging” unless they plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges as prescribed, forgo a jury trial and agree to overly punitive sentencing, and accept and live with a criminal record for the rest of their lives and all that entails. In a just society, this crushing prosecutorial abuse would result in the disbarment of such oath-breaking prosecutors, and the debenching and disrobing of any judge who condones this conduct in his/her court.

And if that isn’t enough, this latest bipartisan progressive $1.7 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill funds continued rights' violations with a 10 percent overall boost to DOJ for FBI, DEA, and U.S. Marshals staffing, and money enough for a new FBI headquarters to up their game for domestic terrorism and mis/disinformation surveillance and suppression. Until we force Congress to restore the Smith-Mundt Act of 1946 that prohibits government, including the military, from conducting psychological operations, experimentation, and propagandizing Americans by repealing the dangerous Smith-Mundt Modernization Act that was buried in the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, they will continue to violate their oaths and our rights.

The Political Insider Web site has a thread of tweets that contain released email transcripts from various officials regarding the woefully inadequate security at the Capitol on January 6. The fault lies squarely with House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Schummer and Majority Leader McConnell, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. A week before the January 6 rally, Trump approved the deployment of up to 20,000 National Guard on January 6, but both Pelosi and Bowser declined his offer. Going forward, if they changed their mind, it required they make the request directly to the National Guard, not Trump.

The House and Senate Sergeants of Arms Paul Irving and Michael Stenger, along with the Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund were all asked to resign after January 6. Sergeant Sund has written a book (Courage Under Fire) highly critical of Pelosi's refusal to secure the Capitol on January 6, augmented by a large dose of suspicion over Pelosi's advance knowledge of a planned attack weeks before the protest. Of particular note also is that the Select Committee called for the unscheduled hearing back in June 2022 that included the impromptu testimony of former Senate Sergeant of Arms Michael Stenger, who unfortunately died suddenly the day before he was scheduled to testify. The Select Committee ignored Stenger's suggestions that they look into provocateurs' role in January 6.



January 6: How The Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right by Julie Kelly

The Steal Volume I: Setting the Stage by Joe Holt

The Steal Volume II: The Impossible Occurs by Joe Holt

The 2020 Coup What Happened, What We Can Do by Patrick Colbeck

The Parallel Election A Blueprint for Deception by Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom


The Real Story of January 6 by Epoch Times


The Truth About January 6 by J6Truth, narrated by currently incarcerated Protestor Jake Lang


Capital Punishment by Nick Searcy on DVD
























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