The new meme cheerfully propagated by the mainstream media (MSM) is the 1-percent-versus-the-99-percent conflict, which fits perfectly into its strategy for maintaining strict political divisions of Left versus Right. This bipartisan strategy is absolutely critical for advancing the agenda of the "1 percent," which, simply stated, is to own and/or control the world's natural and economic resources, including land and mineral rights, water sources, food and energy production, transportation, money supply, and most important of all labor.

Glaringly absent from this current meme is a proper definition by the MSM of exactly who composes the 1 percent. This, too, is absolutely essential, because if the 1 percent is actually identified, broad-based consensus is achievable and solutions can begin. Instead, the 1 percent is left to the imaginations of the 99 percent, allowing for a wide variety of culprits responsible for society's woes, and no possible consensus - hence no solutions, either.

If you pay attention, you'll find that solutions are never proffered in any of the MSM's endless dialogue permeating the broadcasts, and rarely in print. The very last thing the 1 percent wants are viable solutions emerging to upset the status quo.

So who is the 1 percent?

The 1 percent can accurately be described as a discrete, highly exclusive group of individuals, cherry-picked from the top echelons of global corporations, including banks and financial institutions; the most influential politicians and bureaucrats, at home and abroad; private- and public-sector union bosses; not-for-profits' executive leadership, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, foundations, and churches; and prominent stewards of the most prestigious academia.

Think of the 1 percent as a triad that requires a three-legged collaboration for any one leg to succeed. Leg one comprises global banksters and captains from strategic mega-industries, including finance, food, pharmaceutical/health, energy/utilities, transportation, communications, and military. Also included in this leg are leaders from the largest private unions, foundations, associations, and academia. Leg two comprises the most influential politicians and bureaucrats who control legislative process, implementation, and enforcement. In other words, Congress, executives from government's largest agencies, and the courts, including judges and attorneys with specific competencies. Bosses from the public-sector unions, NGOs, and publicly financed foundations and associations, as well as academia, are included here. What should also be noted here is the ever-growing influence of foreign governance, specifically the United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Conservation Commission, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, for starters, most of which have treaties/compacts/memorandums of understanding with the United States that not only oblige U.S. taxpayers but constrain our own use of our resources.

Leg three is the highly consolidated, thereby compromised, mainstream media.

It is important to understand that the 1 percent, while few in actual number, already controls the majority of economic resources globally. The rest of us, the 99 percent - which includes most corporations' stockholders, small-business owners, and the vast majority of private- and public-sector employees (whether union or nonunion), including the workforce for foundations, associations, and academia - unwillingly subsidize this agenda with our tax dollars as a result of this tightly controlled triad of collaboration.

The 1 percent banksters, most of whom answer to the global-central-banks cartel, need to be especially noted because their cross-pollination of all other industry and governments puts them at the top of the 1-percent heap, so to speak. Central and world banksters' reach resembles a spider's web, enveloping countless interests at a time, which includes sovereign nations' finances, all the while being instrumental in consolidating control of resources into fewer and fewer hands.

The MSM is the most egregious of all the legs. Without the mass manipulation of information across the "news" spectrum, regardless of political bias, the corruption that infects economies and politics would not be possible.

The MSM's mission as the Fourth Estate and the people's watchdog is to provide the checks against such corruption via investigation and dissemination of such news. Those days are long gone thanks to legislative permission to consolidate ownership of media organizations. Such consolidation would normally be considered a violation of anti-trust laws. But like most of the legislative and judicial permissions contrived from either favored exemptions, administrative procedural law, or the actual repeal of existing laws, special interests - in this case media organizations - are given legal dispensation from the common laws in place that protect we the people. This subversion is occurring with profound regularity, quietly transforming our republic as it was founded.

The MSM are corporations, too, whose CEOs and majority owners are part of the 1 percent, including an elite group of national editors, anchors, and publishers. What was once thousands of independently owned media companies is now a consolidation of six umbrella corporate owners: AOL-Time Warner-CNN, Disney-ABC, General Electric-NBC-MSNBC-CNBC, Rupert Murdock-Fox News-Fox Business, and Simon & Schuster-CBS. These six mega-corporations own hundreds of TV affiliates, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers nationwide. Also of note is Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, which owns Clear Channel - among the largest consolidations of radio stations.

Consider that the lion's share of all campaign funds is spent on media - billions of dollars these days. It is obscene but worth protecting because it is big business, dwarfing the average individual corporate spend on advertising. Forgetting any 1-percent agenda for the moment, with whom do you think the MSM's loyalty will lie? Most definitely with the highest bidder, and if the MSM can contribute to the bottom line via content, well that is just good business, in its corrupt view.

The politicians also greatly benefit, regardless of political affiliation, because the MSM controls the message for these chosen individuals. The fact that the politicians make the laws that allow for not only this collusion, but for every other corporate subsidy, bailout, exemption, variance, and favored status that ultimately corrupts capitalism, deftly places the success or failure of entire industries in the hands of the 1 percent.

Most Americans are bitterly aware of the MSM's conspiracy to manipulate American thought for myriad pre-defined outcomes, whether elections, intervention and war, legislation that would diminish our constitutionally protected rights, social and fiscal policy, militarism of our police departments - the list is endless. For the 1-percent agenda to succeed in these collective goals, it is critical for the MSM to keep Americans dumbed-down and married to the Left-versus-Right political mentality. If Americans ever wake up to the deception of the single-party-posing-as-two-parties system, it would seriously jeopardize the well-honed machine of usurpation of both resources and authority over those resources.

The 1 percent is completely nonpartisan. There is no Left-versus-Right conflict among them. Left-versus-Right is strictly a strategy for controlling voters. We are given a limited choice, but a choice nonetheless, and by making that choice at the polls, we absolve ourselves of any additional responsibility for what ensues. In fact, we eagerly blame the same politicians we re-elect time and again, always blaming one side or the other for the troubles that both create.

It is a never-ending loop. But for the MSM, regardless of the bias preferred, voters might connect glaringly obvious dots regarding today's issues. Instead, we are bombarded with memes, language, opinions, underreporting, misreporting, and even fabricated reporting - everything but comprehensive factual reporting without bias - designed to confirm whose fault it is: the other side's, of course!

If truth be told, it is our own fault. We the people are to blame for tolerating the MSM's manipulation masquerading as news. For how much longer remains to be seen. At some point, shame must set in and force us to recall ourselves. Just pray it won't be too late.

Critical thinkers need to get involved with civics/politics, regardless of how daunting it appears. Start at the local level by quietly attending council and county-supervisor meetings to observe, then share your observations with others. Trust me, the 1 percent is actively restructuring your local governance with programming such as Agenda 21 and America 2050, both of which threaten your private property rights. (Recently, County Supervisor Larry Minard denied the very existence of Agenda 21, even though it is extremely well-documented and is specifically opposed in his own party's state platform!)

If you can't get involved civically with your own local government, then you are a lost American. My guess is many of you would find it empowering, rewarding, and even fun on some levels. If not for yourselves, then do it for your children and grandchildren. What we the people accomplish today civically/politically will make all the difference for their future.

But as long as we remain divided along Democrat and Republican lines, maintaining our allegiance to this faux political system - whose survival depends on that division - America will continue to decline. The leadership of the two parties has zero interest in we the people. Its allegiance is to the 1 percent, whose agenda falsely promises those individuals' future prominence.

It is time to recommit to America's republic under the rule of law. (Have you said the Pledge of Allegiance lately? Recall the phrase "and to the republic for which it stands.") The single, overarching principle is that by protecting an individual's rights, everyone else's rights are automatically protected, too. It is a bottom-up principle, starting with the lowest common denominator - the individual. Most other forms of government operate to protect the rights of the group, whose individual members' rights are expendable if the group requires it. This is often accomplished via majority rule, best described as democracy or mob rule, and is tyrannical by its very nature. Which type of governance do you advocate? Because this question is at the core of how America will fare moving forward.

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