The Chris Danay Trust Fund Benefit Show


Rock Island Brewing Company

Saturday, August 26, 8 p.m.


ElbowOn the Transport Diagram's Myspace page, the band's biography currently ends with: "We have recently lost one of our greatest supporters and friends, Christopher W. Danay (1972-2006). His enormous sense of humor, originality, friendship and kindheartedness will not go unmissed." Yet Transport Diagram guitarist Phillip Jacobson wished to pay respect to the Quad Citian through more than words. "As soon as I found out," says Jacobson, regarding Danay's passing, "I knew we had to do something." What he and dozens of Danay's friends have done is orchestrate a benefit in honor of the area artist, to be held at the Rock Island Brewing Company on August 26. In addition to a set by the Transport Diagram, the RIBCO event will feature the long-awaited reunion of two '90s-era local bands who, Jacobson says, Danay was "a big supporter" of: the Adaptors, featuring members of Driver of the Year, and the "post-punk/pre-metal" rockers Elbow. Minus $100 for sound necessities, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Danay family, where a trust is being established for Danay's 13-year-old daughter; tickets are $8, with T-shirts - featuring Danay's original artwork - also available for purchase. For more information, visit (


Rhythm City Rockin' Ribfest

LeClaire Park

Thursday, August 24, through Sunday, August 27


Rhythm City Rockin' Ribfest Attendees of LeClaire Park's 8th annual Rhythm City Rockin' Ribfest - a celebration of food, music, and the necessity of wet-naps - will certainly get their fill of all things barbecued, broiled, and braised on August 24 through 27. But the weekend's numerous entertainment options should also have Ribfest guests feeling stuffed. Highlighting the musical lineup are the Beatles tribute band 1964 and the Key West Band's salute to Jimmy Buffett, with additional sets by area favorites Spatterdash, the Andrew Landers Project, Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls, Nervous Rex, Hal Reed & the Mob, Jim the Mule, the Fry Daddies, Identity Crisis, the Juke Joint Sinners, the Blue Collar Band, the Royal Rockers, and the One Night Standards. There will be a classic car show, a volleyball tournament, an amateur cook-off, and a rib-eating contest, with contestants broken into Wild Boar (180 pounds and more) and Piggly Wiggly (less than 180 pounds) divisions. And for the young Piggly Wigglies out there, a Family Fun Area will feature clowns, jugglers, slides, and bounce houses. For the happiness and safety of all, please be sure your kids enjoy the bounce house before the rib-eating contest. For more information, visit (


Honkytonk Homeslice

Bent River Brewing Company

Thursday, August 24


Honkytonk Homeslice The acoustic trio Honkytonk Homeslice - composed of Scott Law, the String Cheese Incident's Bill Nershi, and Bill's wife, Jilian - was formed during a summer in 2004; on the group's Web site (, Jilian says the band "spontaneously" emerged when "Bill, Scott, and I were singing and playing our guitars at our campsite." I'm impressed - the most artful thing I ever created at a campsite was a s'more. But the ringing harmonies and expert playing of this threesome - performing at the Bent River Brewing Company at 9:30 p.m. on August 24 - make for much tastier treats; as Bill explains, "Honkytonk Homeslice invites listeners into our living room - not literally - for an intimate performance that everyone can participate in." Since the band's self-titled debut CD won't be released until September 5, the critics have yet to weigh in on their freshman effort, but fans have posted raves on Honkytonk Homeslice's live performances; among the comments are "a real treat," "just about as close to heaven as I will ever get," and "that must be so f---ing fun to do gigs with your wife." See? Language like that is the reason we're not invited into their living room. For more information, call Bent River at (309) 797-2722.


The Family Values Tour

The Mark of the Quad Cities

Friday, August 25


Korn There's still some time before the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to the Mark of the Quad Cities, but at 2 p.m. on August 25, the Moline venue is presenting another attraction that should be enjoyable for children of all ages - The Family Values Tour! As its title suggests, this assemblage of bands should make for a night of wholesome, positive family entertainment. Consider some lyrics from Stone Sour's "Rachel's Song": "Slowly my life begins to fade / I try to crawl away / But it's hard when you've been stabbed in the back." Hmm. Well, as it has a Peanuts character built into the title, maybe the Deftones' "Linus" is more family-friendly: "It's just a stupid game we play / Still don't matter anyway / 'Cause we all die anyway." Wow. Okay, here's one that's gotta be for the kids, a Korn tune entitled "Clown": "Scream at me again, if you like / Throw your hate at me with all your might." What going on here? I'm checking through the other bands scheduled to appear at the Mark - Flyleaf, Dir En Grey, Bury Your Dead, 10 Years, Bullets & Octane, Deadsy - and it seems that none of them is appropriate for children ... you don't think that "Family Values" title is meant ironically, do you? For tickets and more information, visit (


The Fareed Haque Group

The Redstone Room

Thursday, August 24, 8 p.m.


Fareed Haque The adage goes: Those who can't do, teach. Apparently, those who can do also teach. Musician Fareed Haque, whose group will perform at Davenport's Redstone Room on August 24, joined the faculty of Northern Illinois University in 1989, where he's currently a professor of jazz theory, advanced improvisation, and guitar. Yet Haque has also spent many years practicing what he preaches. He has performed professionally with the likes of Paquito D'Rivera, Dave Holland, and Sting, and the Fareed Haque Group, with its combination of jazz, classical, New Age, and ethnic influences, has enthralled audiences and critics alike; John Kelman, in the online periodical All About Jazz, wrote, "The Fareed Haque Group is certainly one of the more interesting and distinctive units to hit the jam-band scene," and World Fusion's Robert Kaye extolled, "Haque is an exceedingly gifted musician and is, without question, deserving of much wider recognition." Haque also co-founded the popular jam group Garaj Majal, and recently recorded a CD entitled Singh Song. Man, for a professor with so much talent, you'd think he'd be better at spelling, huh? For more information, visit (

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