The University of Dubuque presents “B2wins: Home Together for the Holidays" -- December 18, 19, & 25.

Friday, December 18, Saturday, December 19, and Friday, December 25, 7:30 p.m.

Presented by the University of Dubuque's Heritage Center

Brazilian brothers and formidable musicians Walter and Wagner Caldas invite audiences to a virtual party on December 18, 19, and 25, when the popular duo B2wins will present its its yuletide performance Home Together for the Holidays, a seasonal celebration hosted by the University of Dubuque's Heritage Center.

The online holiday show will find the twin Caldas brothers gathering around a piano to share holiday favorites in the styles familiar to fans of the powerhouse duo. Home Together for the Holidays will be the largest interactive livestream event yet for B2wins, and will feature seasonal music, stories, games, prizes, inspiration, and more. With their distinctive appearance and signature sound, B2wins have become a favorite with Heritage Center audiences after several live performances on campus over the past few years. The group features an electric violin and ukulele with vocals as B2wins play from a variety of genres, integrating humor and lively audience participation. The twins, who grew up in the violent slums of Brazil, broke the mold of society by using music as a movement to bring about positive change. They defeated violence, poverty, depression, and Wagner's cancer diagnosis, and are now on a mission, as they state, “to make the world smile again,” believing that music is what can bring people together in the toughest times.

In their exploration of pop music and top-40 elements, B2wins have been compared to Santana, Coldplay, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and released their debut EP 2wins 4you in 2014. As the musicians state on their Web site: “When an artist is performing on stage, there is an assumed responsibility to deliver. This is a responsibility we take seriously and respond with resounding passion. We set out to shatter convention in our live shows, to break the stereotype of a typical ‘band.’ To simply walk on stage and play music is a shortcoming. Our desire is to make you experience the full spectrum of emotions. For that one hour we are together, you become lost in the moment, forgetting all your worries. We are daring, creative and go out of our way to blow your mind every performance.”

B2wins: Home Together for the Holidays will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on December 18, 19, and 25, with viewing of the show available through December 31, and tickets for digital access are $10 per household and available through For more information on the virtual performance, call (563)589-3432 or visit

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