Whiskey Shivers at the Gas Feed & Seed Festival -- November 15 through 17.

Thursday, November 15, through Saturday, November 17

Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 East Third Street, Davenport IA

The Stardust, 218 Iowa Street, Davenport IA

Independent musicians and stand-up comedians from across the country and the Quad Cities region will gather for the Village of East Davenport's autumnal Gas Feed & Seed Festival – a three-day, genre-hopping celebration hosted by Moeller Nights and featuring concert and comedy sets at Davenport venues The Stardust and the Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel.

Thursday's currently scheduled artists include: pop, folk, and electric-rock singer/songwriter Madi Diaz; the indie rockers of Michigander; indie-pop musician Carl Anderson; country-folk artist Timothy George with his touring project Timmy the Teeth; the Alabama-based Americana and blues musicians of Early James; and a pair of actor/comedians in Denver, Colorado's Ben Kronberg and the Los Angeles-based Dan Gill, a native of Coralville, Iowa.

Both of those comedians, as well as the talents of Michigander and Timmy the Teeth, will also be performing on the Gas Feed & Seed's Friday lineup, which also consists of: the Minneapolis alt-rockers of Night Moves; Pennsylvania's R&B sensation Son Little; rocker Jacob Dillian Summers and his project Avid Dancer; Austin-based pop-rock outfit Sun June; the Denver-based indie rockers of Wildermiss; folk singer/songwriter Sharaya Summers; Los Angeles rockers and teenage quintet Liily; the rock talents of Iowa's own Closet Witch; and another pair of gifted touring comedians in Kyle Scanlan and Zach Pugh.

Meanwhile, with area comedian Chris Schlichting joining the four aforementioned comics for Saturday's lineup, and with additional performances scheduled for Son Little, Madi Diaz, Carl Anderson, Avid Dancer, Sun June, and Early James, the Gas Feed & Seed Festival's final day and evening boasts: central California's folk-pop singer/songwriter Brett Dennen; Nashville-based folk artist Erin Rae; folk-rock singer/songwriter Ruston Kelly; North Carolina's folk musician Christopher Paul Stelling; Texas-based bluegrass band Whiskey Shivers; rock and soul powerhouse Krystal Metcalfe; Nashville's indie-rock singer/songwriter Katie Pruitt; and alternative-soul artist Abby Jeanne.

Admission to the November 15 through 17 Gas Feed & Seed Festival ranges from $20-35 for single-day passes and $40-76 for weekend passes, and more information and tickets are available by visiting MoellerNights.com.

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