Glixen at the Raccoon Motel -- February 28.

Wednesday, February 28, 7 p.m.

Raccoon Motel, 315 East Second Street, Davenport IA

With the group's forthcoming activities including tours opening for Soft Cult and Glitterer, plus appearances at SXSW, Treefort, and the Nothing's Slide Away Festival, the Phoenix-based shoegaze talents of Glixen headline a February 28 concert event (co-presented by Void Church) at Davenport's Raccoon Motel, their sound delivering math-rock riffs with heavy post-rock fuzz alongside lead vocalist Aislinn Ritchie's dreamy vocals.

Eluding all expectations of the current alternative rock space, Glixen originated in Phoenix, Arizona, and have taken their sound coast to coast on tour in North America. As influences, lead vocalist/guitarist Aislinn Ritchie cites My Bloody Valentine, No Doubt, and T.A.T.U., also citing heavier acts such as HUM and My Vitriol. Ritchie founded Glixen in 2020 and later added the talents of lead guitarist Esteban Santana, drummer Keire Johnson, and bassist Sonia Garcia. Glixen released their debut EP She Only Said via Julias War Records in August of 2023, and as stated at Ground Control Touring, "The lead single 'Splendor' sets the tone of the EP by masterfully capturing the swirling ambiance of 90s rock, ethereal pop vocals, and fuzzed-out walls of guitar all wrapped up in a lacey white ribbon. She Only Said is a cathartic anthem that feels like glitter and thorns down the listeners spine."

The outfit's new single "foreverswoon" was released earlier in February in anticipation of Glixen's forthcoming sophomore EP, and led Girl Underground Music to rave, "The track cascades with monochromatic joy, buoyed by delicate vocals and expansive melodies, weaving a tapestry of life’s intimate pleasures in love. With its languid pace, 'foreversoon' gently evokes a spectrum of emotions, from the entanglement of affection to the rush of excitement, capturing the essence of various forms of intimacy. The wistful production marries the ever-persistent thoughts of 'What if?' and bittersweetly evokes that by chance these moments won’t last forever."

The site added, "Lead vocalist Aislinn Ritchie describes 'foreversoon' as a reflection of the euphoria found in new love and intimacy. 'The song harnesses melancholy chords, layered with fuzzy red melodies and gliding guitars that pull you in deeper,' she explains. 'I wanted my lyrics to feel like a conversation that expresses my infatuation and sensuality. Time is relentless and memories are fleeting, this song encapsulates those emotions forever.'"

Glixen performs their February 28 engagement in Davenport with an additional set by She's Green, admission to the 7 p.m. concert is $12, and tickets are available by visiting

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