Johnny Rogers' “The History of Rock & Roll" at the Ohnward Fine Arts Center -- July 20.

Saturday, July 20, 7 p.m.

Ohnward Fine Arts Center, 1215 East Platt Street, Maquoketa IA

With the touring show boasting its star's uncanny portrayal of the late Buddy Holly and tributes to such legendary musicians as Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, and Chuck Berry, Johnny Rogers' The History of Rock & Roll lands at Maquoketa's Ohnward Fine Arts Center on July 20, the concert event designed to transport audiences back in time when you could go to your favorite malt shops with your favorite guy or girl and dance to your favorite bands.

As stated at, "Johnny Rogers was born in Jackson, Tennessee, to parents who were born in the southern states of Kentucky and Tennessee. His father was a radio personality in the late '40s and early-'50s, who crossed paths with some of the biggest legends of music history: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Marty Robbins and Conway Twitty, to mention a few. When he was very young, his father gave him his first guitar. He had no interest in playing until he heard Buddy Holly for the first time; the song was 'Rave On.' He said it was like someone or something turned a switch on inside of him. From that moment on, he knew what he wanted to be in life and that was someone like Buddy. His father showed him a few basic chords. That was all he needed to get started playing.

"While Johnny was in high school, he tried starting his own band, but finding kids his own age with the same taste in music seemed to be impossible. So he began to look for older guys that grew up listening to the music. He started sneaking into the honkytonks with his father’s help and a fake ID. But he wasn't there to drink; he was there to learn about becoming an entertainer.

"Johnny's father was very good friends with a Chicago honkytonk legend by the name of Jimmy Nichols. Johnny's father had given Jimmy his start in the late-'50s and now Jimmy would return the favor. Johnny started playing lead guitar for Jimmy Nichols at the age of 15. He was self taught and learned all styles of music. Johnny made his debut on stage at the Off Broadway Lounge. Immediately he was a big draw. People would come from miles around to see the kid with horn rim glasses and lightning guitar licks. Johnny continued playing guitar for the Chicago legend until he was 21 and it was time to start his own band and his own show."

Rogers was voted best of show two years in a row in Branson, Missouri, and in September of 2016, he was inducted into the Iowa Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Over the years, Rogers has brought his rock-and-roll tribute abroad to London, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as all over the United States, including in New York, Las Vegas, Branson, and Chicago. Among numerous other venues and events, Rogers has performed at: the London Paladium; the Liverpool Philharmonic; the Clovis Music Festival; the Chicago Theatre,; the United Center; the Historic Route 66 Festival,; the Historic Woodstock Opera House; and the Indy Speedway,

Johnny Rogers' The History of Rock & Roll will be performed in Maquoketa on July 20, admission to the 7 p.m. concert event is $15-28, and more information and tickets are available by calling (563)652-9815 and visiting

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