The Zeta, May 6

The Zeta at Daytrotter -- May 6.

Sunday, May 6, 6 p.m.

Daytrotter, 324 Brady Street, Davenport IA

Playing an internationally acclaimed blend of punk, hardcore, and Latin American post-rock, the Venezuelan musicians of The Zeta perform a Daytrotter concert on May 6, demonstrating why raved about the group's “intense and passionate shows in which they display raw emotion and tight musicianship.”

Founded in 2003 and composed of Juan Chi, Gabriel Duque, Juan Gonzalez, and Daniel Saud, all originally from Lecheria, Puerto Rico, The Zeta is quickly becoming legendary, an experimental band characterized by their atmospheric sounds, energetic rhythms, and profound lyrics that speak of existence and positive consciousness. For the past 15 years, the band members have traveled and communicated through their art with extensive tours worldwide, visiting cities such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, and New York, and are currently touring in support of their new EP Slingshot, The Zeta.

With albums including 2011's Haedo, 2013's Explosión del Cosmos del Alma, and 2014's En Mendio De La Tormenta, The Zeta is also known for sharing not only its art, but also a positive life message, creating forums and presentations that touch on issues such as veganism, independent art, and employing a DIY philosophy toward both work and life. As is stated on the group's Facebook page: “We are a collective project that was born by the marvels that we feel with all the people who surround our environment and make up our world. We collect information about the DIY scene worldwide and expose in an honest and simple way different art movements that defend the same principle. For all those who have wanted to travel, to get lost to meet again, and to communicate their message beyond the everyday, we want to give everyone a little of what they already gave us.”

The Zeta performs locally with opening sets by Mountain Swallower, BUMMER, and Leather Parachute, tickets to the 6 p.m. concert are $10, and more information is available by visiting

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