The Achieve Quad Cities, "Career Navigators" mentor program is being highlighted with a news conference at Washington Junior School in Rock Island this Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 2:45 pm as part of the annual Lights ON Afterschool Day Celebration.  The program is led by United Way and the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend and includes the, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Rock Island School District and the Rock Island Regional Office of Education.

The year-long program is being offered to 70 middle/junior high school students in the Quad Cities and is designed to assist in increasing graduation rates and reduce high school dropouts by pairing students with adult "career navigators" or mentors.

The navigators at Washington Junior School are from various local businesses who have agreed to serve as resources and guides over the next 12 months during after school hours.  The career navigators will help the students expand their interests and help them make tough decisions about high school classes and career goals.  They will meet twice a month and will include site visits to work sites, local community colleges, museums and media outlets.

Officials with Achieve Quad Cities, Big Brother Big Sisters, educators and a previous mentor will be available at the news conference which is being held on National "Lights On Afterschool" day.  Thursday, October 21st is a day designated to recognize the importance of after school programs.  The news conference in Rock Island is one of 7,500 events planned around the country to celebrate the 11th annual Lights On Afterschool day.  More than one million American are expected to rally for afterschool programs during this day.

WHAT:  News conference about the Achieve Quad Cities Career Navigators Program
WHERE:  Washington Junior School, 3300 18th Avenue, Rock Island
WHEN:  Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 2:45 pm
WHO:  Officials with United Way, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Achieve Quad Cities, The Rock Island Regional Office of Education, The Rock Island School District  and the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend.


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