DES MOINES, IA (06/23/2010)(readMedia)-- Fireworks, barbeques, and parades will be in full display as Americans celebrate our nation's freedom on July 4th. State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald encourages past and present Iowans to include the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt in their Independence Day fun. To date, over $122 million in unclaimed property have been returned to Iowans.

People may find more to celebrate with a visit to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt website. "Each year, we have more and more people come forward to reclaim their lost or forgotten money," said Fitzgerald. "Our goal is to keep reminding people to check our list for their names. We are consistently updating our website which is full of names of individuals and businesses from all across Iowa that have money waiting for them to claim."

Unclaimed property refers to money and other assets held by financial institutions or companies that have lost contact with the property's owner for a specific period of time. State law requires these institutions and companies to annually report and deliver unclaimed property to the State Treasurer's Office. The assets are then held until the owner or heir of the property is found. Common forms of unclaimed property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, life insurance policies, utility security deposits, and safe deposit box contents.

All Iowans are encouraged to visit and check to see if they have unclaimed property waiting for them. Individuals may also send an email to For those who prefer corresponding by mail, please write to State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald, Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, Lucas State Office Building, Des Moines, IA 50319. Please make sure to provide current name, previous names and addresses.

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