DAVENPORT, IOWA (August 28, 2020) Event organizers from the Downtown Davenport Partnership (DDP) announced winners and official film selections for Alternating Currents presented by GreenState Credit Union, originally scheduled for August 27-30, 2020. Winners were named in six categories, including Best of Fest, Best Local, Best Fictional Short, Best Narrative Short, Best Experimental, and Best Student Film. A total of 52 films were accepted as official Alternating Currents film-festival selections from more than 90 submitted for consideration.

According to Alternating Currents film festival Producer Harry Walker, the filmmakers stepped up to the challenges presented by the global pandemic, which ultimately led to the cancellation of the 2020 festival. He praised not only the quality but the quantity of submissions as well.

“We had some of the greatest shorts I've seen in a very long time, all at one festival, in our hometown,” Walker said. “Our submissions came across the globe to locally-produced, gut-punching, knock-your-socks-off gold. They were off the charts this year, not only in greatness, but coming in droves.”

Designed to showcase the vibrant culture of our downtown areas, Alternating Currents celebrates film, music, art and comedy. DDP is a division of the Quad Cities Chamber.

Alternating Currents Film Festival winners and selections include:


Out of Stock

Runtime 17:48

In 1973, the host of The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, made a joke that toilet paper was going out of stock. By the next day, stores across the country were completely sold out. This is the story of the first day of the toilet-paper crisis.

Directed by Bryan Taira

Taira is a Japanese-American film director, born and raised in Carpinteria, California. His imagination for highlighting social and economic issues are portrayed through contradictory genres. As a storyteller and artist, he strives to cultivate a connection between humanity and the natural world through various mediums. Recently graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Bryan looks forward to creating and collaborating on more films.


Family Tree

Run-time 16:41

A newly-wed woman is unwittingly duped into a dark holiday tradition in her new family. Now she is forced to carry out horrible acts in the days leading up to Christmas.

Directed by Patrick Boberg

Boberg is a frenetic filmmaker based in Des Moines, Iowa. Originally finding his love for storytelling with comedy skits, punk rock, and 90s skate videos, Patrick comes from the Robert Rodrigeuz or Mark Duplass mindset of Just Make Something. He believes the essence of filmmaking is divided into two collaborative camps, storytelling and effort. Once you have a story, it doesn’t matter the scale to which you take your effort as long as you actually go for it.

Director Statement:

“This short film was produced by the filmmaking team Tiny Explosions as part of the 100 Hour Film Race. We set out to make a high-level B-Horror film with a concept bent around the unexpected sacrifices of marriage. The tagline is ‘The holidays can be hard; marriage is harder.’”



Run-time 8:26

A photojournalist navigates the seedy underworld of political corruption, fetish pornography, and summer camping in an attempt to stop a toxic form of MDMA that melts users from the inside out.

Directed by Josh Stephenson

Stephenson was born in Florida to a school teacher and lawyer. Raised during the Reagan Administration, he is a graduate of the University of Florida's School of Journalism and has a BA in Film Editing from Columbia College Chicago. His experience includes directing a pair of showcase narrative shorts for Kinematic Entertainment and J&R Productions, respectively. In 2015, he worked on the second season of NCIS: New Orleans for CBS. More work on shows and feature films would soon follow including content for AMC, Marvel, Netflix, MTV, and Animal Planet. He works and lives in the city of New Orleans.


The Water Song

Run-time 13:00

A spunky nine-year-old receives a shiny pink bike for her birthday, but her domineering uncle is the only adult in the trailer park willing to teach her how to ride it. The word “quit" however, is not in either of their vocabulary. The Water Song is a parable for standing up for yourself, finding a voice in Trump-era America, and saying "F**K YOU" to the patriarchal way of doing business.

Directed by Dave Jannetta Director

Jannetta is a Philadelphia based filmmaker with experience across a broad spectrum of visual storytelling. In 2015, he released his début documentary feature, Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere. At the beginning of his career, Dave served as personal assistant to Peter Jackson through North American production of The Lovely Bones, and spent a year abroad working at Jackson’s WingNut Films in Wellington, New Zealand. He has an MFA from Temple University, is a graduate of Penn State University (Finance/Film Studies; 2005), and is an alumnus of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School (winter 2012).


The Hermit

Run-time 16:43

A young woman is kidnapped and taken hostage by a mysterious hermit in the forest. When she returns to society, she struggles to revert to her old self.

Directed by Noel Rafizadeh-Kabe

Rafizadeh-Kabe is a filmmaker based in Tokyo and California. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) film with a BA in film-production in 2019. Having worked various jobs professionally (production assistant, grip, sound, and editing) in film, Noel is now applying what he’s learned to his thesis film. Noel is passionate about horror-films, comics, skateboarding, and his family.


Die Autoficker

Run-time 1:12

During a nocturnal car drive in search of sex, the protagonist meets a trans prostitute. But instead of releasing him from his desires, she informs him together with a leather fetish boy about his irresponsibility regarding the climate change.

Directed by Josia Brezing

Brezing is a 22-year-old German director who is currently studying at the Filmakademie Baden‑Wuerttemberg. He lives and works in Berlin and Ludwigsburg.


* Film name, director name listed below

Short Film (Narrative or Documentary)

The Burial, Jack Meggers

Burner of Ships, Leonardo Campaner

Cedar Creek, Dick DeAngelis

Death Offers Life last moments of Vincent Van Gogh, Saheer Abbas

Domicile, Marissa Vonn

Doors, Caleb Harris

The Foursome, Zack McTee

A Gap in the Past, Todd Boerema

Kill: Norwood, Lexy Anderson

The Neighborhood, Quentin Lareau

No Soliciting, Daniel Tucker

No Trespassing, Courtney Grawe

Not Me, Mahmoud Salimi

Riviera, Jason Fragale

Rutting Season, Wes Worthing

ULTRA, Bruce James Bales

Where There's Tea There's Hope, Lorne Warr

Wilt, Wes Worthing


Ancestors, Charles Borowicz

A Brief Account of Time, Stefan Nestoroski

Correspondence II, Lisa J. Maione

Frames, Audrey Seybold

Freytag's Pyramid of Climactic Light, Kai Swanson

Lairs, Emma Penaz Eisner

Lo/ve, Tempest Montgomery

The room paints my portrait, and I paint the room's, Sergey Zanchevskiy

Side View, Tosh Leykum

Student Film

The Annunciation, Rosana Cuellar

Bambiland, Danilo Stanimirović

The Bare Knuckle Gentleman, Nishad Chaughule

Below a Dark Wood, Bill Slovick

Caramel, Shange Zhang

Cargo Der Transport, Christina Tournatzés

A celebration of the chaos inside me, Davide Vanacore

The Checklist, Lucas Dutra

Crush, Heather Harris

Danke, Aus! and Cut!, Luca Amhofer

Elephant in the Room, Chanelle Eidenbenz

The Fishman, Leto S Meade

The Hood, Patricia Vidal Delgado

I am Mackenzie, Artemis Anastasiadou

Meidagen Days of May, Juri Ferri

Offbeat, Myrte Ouwerkerk

Pick Your Poison, Zoe Pham

The Quiet, Radheya Jegatheva

Reprise, Stanley Xu Ruiyang

Rive-Sud South Shore, Xavier Hamel

The Romantic Movement, Yuhe Lu

Solitaire, Elena Brodach

Sophie, Anna Cangellaris

Synchronicity, Michelle Brand

XY, Anna Karín Lárusdóttir

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