As Yang returns to Iowa, he heads to Gowrie, Iowa to visit an ethanol facility

ALBIA, IOWA (April 26, 2019) — Entrepreneur and presidential-candidate Andrew Yang toured POET Biorefining in Gowrie, Iowa.
Yang was joined by Focus on Rural America Chair Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, who has served Iowa as Lt Gov and as Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture.
“I’m grateful Mr. Yang came to Gowrie, a small town in Iowa, and toured a POET ethanol plant,” said Judge.
“Renewable biofuel facilities are a great example of value-added agriculture boosting rural economies. I hope to see more candidates show up in these small towns and see for themselves the innovations that are having a positive impact on our communities, job security, and the environment.
“Democrats have a lot to offer rural America, but first we need to show up, listen, and figure out how we can partner on a plan to revitalize these communities. Visiting a major employer, like an ethanol facility, is an easy place to start.”
As candidates approach the 2020 caucuses, engaging with rural voters and having a plan that supports rural communities will be critical.
Focus on Rural America is a nonprofit organization aimed at boosting progressive causes and organizations by developing and promoting economic messages that resonate in rural America.

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