DAVENPORT, IOWA (September 10, 2021) With everything that life has handed us these last two years, we need Garp Fest more than ever before and even with the necessary relocation of the festival from the barn to beautiful and spacious Schwiebert Park in downtown Rock Island, we're going to have ourselves a good time. We are so very fortunate to be putting on the first ever PawPaw Rod and Petey shows. Both bands are poised to break huge next year and this is your chance to see these Los Angeles phenoms perform for the first time right here in the Quad Cities. If you're looking for cool kid bragging rights, they're right here!

Also performing at this joint collaboration with the River Music Experience are TORRES, Jonny Fritz, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Christopher Porterfield of Field Report, and Winterland for all the Dead heads out there! Doors open at 2PM and music begins at 3PM and stretches to 11PM on what's going to be a gorgeous day. Please come out and support these incredible artists who you might not quite know yet. It's the beauty of Garp and this amazing music scene we are building here!


GRAB ALL YOUR RACCOON TICKETS HERE :: raccoonmotel.tixr.com

SEPTEMBER 10 — ROOKIE w/IN THE PINES and DARK FAMILY:: LISTEN to Rookie:: LISTEN to In The Pines:: LISTEN to Dark Family:: on sale now

SEPTEMBER 11 — BABY GARP FESTIVAL (featuring performances by PawPaw Rod, Petey, Jonny Fritz, TORRES, Christopher Porterfield of Field Report, Winterland and Aaron Kamm and the One Drops!!

LISTEN to PawPaw Rod

LISTEN to Petey


LISTEN to Jonny Fritz

LISTEN to Christopher Porterfield

LISTEN to Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

on sale now

SEPTEMBER 12 — PETEY w/81355 and very special mystery guest:: LISTEN to Petey:: LISTEN to James Austin Johnson:: LISTEN to 81355:: on sale

SEPTEMBER 17 — DAVID HUCKFELDT (of The Pines, featuring members of Taylor Swift and Big Red Machine's bands) w/PIETA BROWN and MAC LEAPHART (at Codfish Hollow):: LISTEN to David Huckfeldt

LISTEN to Pieta Brown

LISTEN to Mac Leaphart:: tickets on sale HERE

SEPTEMBER 19 — OWEN w/BOB NANNA (of BRAID/HEY MERCEDES):: LISTEN to Owen:: LISTEN to Bob Nanna:: tickets on sale now

SEPTEMBER 22 — LIAM KAZAR w/CASE OATS:: LISTEN to Liam Kazar:: LISTEN to Case Oats:: on sale now

SEPTEMBER 23 — BLUNT BANGS (featuring members of Black Kids and Woods) w/special guests:: LISTEN to Blunt Bangs:: on sale now

SEPTEMBER 30 — INTO IT. OVER IT. w/special guests:: LISTEN to Into It. Over It:: on sale now

OCTOBER 12 — MICHIGANDER w/STAY OUTSIDE and DARYL RAHN:: LISTEN to Michigander:: LISTEN to Stay Outside:: LISTEN to Daryl Rahn:: on sale now and filling up

OCTOBER 13 — BAD BAD HATS w/special guests:: LISTEN to Bad Bad Hats:: on sale now

OCTOBER 17 and 24 — OKEY DOKEY w/GATLIN:: LISTEN to Okey Dokey:: LISTEN to Gatlin:: tickets are now on sale

OCTOBER 21 — WHEELWRIGHT w/JOSHUA DYLAN BALIS:: LISTEN to Wheelwright:: LISTEN to Joshua Dylan Balis:: tickets on sale

OCTOBER 23 — LIILY w/CAROLINE KINGSBURY:: LISTEN to Liily:: LISTEN to Caroline Kingsbury:: tickets on sale now

NOVEMBER 1 — JOSHUA RAY WALKER w/special guests:: LISTEN to Joshua Ray Walker:: on sale

NOVEMBER 2 — CORY CHISEL w/JUSTIN PETER KINKEL-SCHUSTER:: LISTEN to Cory Chisel:: LISTEN to Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster:: on sale


NOVEMBER 10 — PROTOMARTYR w/MELKBELLY:: LISTEN to Protomartyr:: LISTEN to Melkbelly:: tickets on sale now

NOVEMBER 12 — NADA SURF w/Seasaw:: LISTEN:: on sale now and moving


NOVEMBER 19 — Liz Cooper w/Pearl Charles:: LISTEN to Liz Cooper:: LISTEN to Pearl Charles:: tickets on sale

APRIL 13, 2022 — LALA LALA w/special guests:: LISTEN to LALA LALA:: on sale now

TICKETS to all Raccoon Motel shows can be purchased HERE

TICKETS to all Codfish Hollow shows can be purchased HERE

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