DAVENPORT, IOWA (December 18, 2023) — This is exciting as hell for us, gang! We have been asking for all of your input to put together the most comprehensive and inclusive list of deserving artists who released music in anytime in 2023. We listened and we crunched and we added a couple that we really believed in over the course of the last twelve months and we've distilled it all down to the Steele Awards nominees that we're announcing today for all to see!

DAVENPORT, IOWA (November 24, 2023) — Every single year, the Grammy nominations come out, and there are typically a few old homies that get a nod for something. But what more often tends to be the case is that all of the most deserving artists — the deserving ones that we here at the Raccoon Motel/Codfish Hollow/The Fox Den and in past lives through ten years of Daytrotter and other iterations see on a regular basis — tend to be snubbed in these year-end awards.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (October 20, 2023) — Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith are helping The Raccoon Motel make tonight's concert with Los Angeles legend Mike Viola super special. The other day, the couple sat down and inked out a t-shirt design to commemorate the debut Raccoon Motel appearance by former Candy Butchers lead singer and the voice of The Wonders from Tom Hanks' classic film That Thing You Do.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (October 11, 2023) Thank you so much to anyone who has already signed on as pioneers for our initial Raccoon Motel monthly Club offerings! We are just twenty members short of being able to make our first Club-sponsored show free so please check out all of the goods and what we're offering on a monthly basis to help the cause and get you some fun shit along the way!

DAVENPORT, IOWA (May 20, 2022) — It was a huge week of announcements and there are many more big ones to come next week so make sure you're following us on Instagram so you never miss out on the goods (raccoonmotel/moellernights). We announced a Morgan Wade show last week that was our second-fastest sell out after our three nights with Orville Peck last summer.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (April 29, 2022) — We have quite the boon this weekend as the old homies the Artisanals are in town both Friday and Saturday nights and, as an added bonus, Mild High Club and JW Francis will be playing the early show Saturday night after being moved from Codfish Hollow. Mild High Club is bad-ass, and they don't play 200-cap venues, so take this opportunity to see one of America's great young bands in a small club.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (March 25, 2022) — It's mostly been a heavy metal week at the ol Raccoon Motel this week, but that all changes tonight when we welcome Scott Hirsch — a founding member of Hiss Golden Messenger and an incredible songwriter in his own right — along with Skyway Man, for a truly special night of folk and gentle psych. Music kicks off at 8PM, and we would like to offer up free tickets to anyone on this Raccoon mailing list.

Phosphorescent (aka Matthew Houck)

DAVENPORT, IOWA (March 16, 2022) — This Friday night, the Raccoon Motel is proud to welcome back Liza Anne! Liza was a performing on the opening night of the original Motel and is only playing 14 shows on her nationwide tour — her first in three years. Along for the night is one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in America right now — Izzy Heltai. There are still tickets available so please come out. This is a show not to miss!

DAVENPORT, IOWA (March 2, 2022) — It's a whole new month, but some things never change here at The Raccoon Motel. It's another stacked month of concerts, bingo and other goings on. We finished with a serious bang last night as Wilderado stormed into town and played a sold out show to start their month-long US tour!!