DAVENPORT, IOWA (October 20, 2023) — Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith are helping The Raccoon Motel make tonight's concert with Los Angeles legend Mike Viola super special. The other day, the couple sat down and inked out a t-shirt design to commemorate the debut Raccoon Motel appearance by former Candy Butchers lead singer and the voice of The Wonders from Tom Hanks' classic film That Thing You Do.

The shirt that Moore and Goldsmith designed feature the Viola lyric, "We are forever and that's the way it's always been," along with a little cutie raccoon. You can see and purchase it here. For every tee purchased you get two tickets to tonight's show if you're in the Quad-Cities area, or those two tickets will be made available to two people who can use them. We are planning on doing more of these collaborations when we can to hopefully encourage folks from anywhere to help us support these artists -- even if from afar -- so that they can have their best nights here at the Raccoon Motel. Also, if you're a member of the monthly tee club and you'd like this design included as part of your club membership, we will be reaching out to you all individually to ask you that question.

Viola co-wrote the title track from That Thing You Do with the late Fountains of Wayne songwriter Adam Schlesinger and is considered by many to be one of the finest living power-pop songwriters. Tonight is a must-see show, but if you can't be here, grab one of these cool tees and help someone else get to see him, while also getting this great artist paid.

AND GOOD NEWS: Thanks so the current number of orders in for the shirt, we have fifty free tickets available for tonight. First come, first served, but you must grab them online. Use the promo code MANDYTAYLOR and we'll see you tonight!



It's hard to keep everything straight sometimes and we get that. We put on lots of shows. We get that also. We thought we'd try to make it easier for you to know when they are happening and to give you more information about performers — links to music, what other bands they may be similar to, etc. We built out a Google Calendar called Raccoon Motel Hot Tips that you can now subscribe to. That way you can set alerts for shows you don't want to miss and stay in close proximity to all the action you need to get you to the promised land. GO HERE NOW AND LET YOURSELF IN!



October 20 — Mike Viola (of Candy Butchers & That Thing You Do) w/DUSK

October 21 — Erin Rae w/She Returns from War

October 25 — Alanna Royale

October 27 -- Portrayal of Guilt w/Granular Breath and Systems: presented by Wake Brewing and Ragged Records

October 28 — Becca Mancari w/Bloomsday

October 31 — Me Like Bees w/Night Jobs

November 2 — Noah Vonne w/Bluphoria

November 3 — Airiel w/Rosie Tucker & Pink Frost

November 4 — Johnny Dynamite and The Bloodsuckers w/Ariel McReynolds


November 21 — Hotline TNT: NOW ON SALE

November 29 — Teenage Halloween w/Hembree

December 5 — Arkansauce w/Fireside Collective

December 9 — Adeem The Artist w/Disco Doom & Scott Stowe

December 13 — Clownvis

December 17 — Mom Rock

January 13 — Tyler Richton and The High Bank Boys w/Logan Springer and The Wonderfully Wild: NOW ON SALE

January 16 — King Buffalo w/REZN

January 18 — Chicago Farmer and The Fieldnotes: NOW ON SALE

January 21 — William Tyler and the Impossible Truth

January 27 — Matthew McNeal w/Shlomo Franklin: NOW ON SALE

February 12 — Jeremie Albino: NOW ON SALE



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