DAVENPORT, IOWA (April 11, 2019) — The Iowa House has passed a bill to toughen animal-abuse laws and punish all who neglect, torture, abuse, or abandon dogs, cats, and other companion-animals. HF737 recently was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee with strong bipartisan support and is now eligible for a vote by the full Senate.

Iowa is one of the worst states for protecting companion-animals, ranking 48th, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. One reason we rank so low is that Iowans cannot be charged with abuse for harming their own pets.

If HF 737 becomes law, companion animal owners could be charged with abuse if they intentionally, knowingly or recklessly injure or kill their pet by force, violence or poisoning. The bill also requires the most serious offenders to undergo psychological or psychiatric evaluation and court-ordered counseling.


Additional information

This is a legislative update by State Senator Jim Lykam, representing Davenport and Buffalo. For bio, photos and further information, go towww.senate.iowa.gov/senator/lykam.

To contact Sen Lykam when the Legislature is in session, call the Senate Switchboard at 515-281-3371. Otherwise he can be reached at 563-391-1919. E-mail him at jim.lykam@legis.iowa.gov.

Senator Lykam serves on the following committees:

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