EVANSTON, Ill. - Today, the Biss campaign released a new video encouraging voters to hold Democratic candidates to the same standard to which they held Donald Trump and demand that J.B. Pritzker fulfill the pledge he made seven months ago to release his income tax returns.

“It's Not That Complex”

The video highlights the similar excuses Donald Trump and JB Pritzker have given to reporters and individuals alike who ask about releasing their tax returns. Both billionaire businessmen argue that it is “complex.”

"No Democratic candidate for governor should be in the same sentence as Donald Trump when it comes to accountability and transparency. How can you credibly promise to lead the resistance to Trump when you mimic his billionaire ways," said Biss campaign manager Abby Witt. “Illinois voters deserve a governor they can trust to fight for the middle class—not another billionaire who can’t keep his promises."



It's been 7 months since JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy pledged to release their tax returns. To date, neither have.

Biss Publishes Counter Clock 6 Months After Pritzker, Kennedy Pledge to Release Tax Returns. [10/17/17]

Biss releases 5 years of full returns. Daniel Biss, author of a bill in the Illinois legislature requiring Presidential candidates to release tax returns in order to appear on the state ballot, released five years of federal and state tax returns with schedules, and pledged to release his 2017 returns before the 2018 primary. [4/13/17].

All Democratic candidates for Illinois governor pledge to follow Biss, release 5 years of full returns. "Pritzker, Kennedy and Pawar all say they will release their tax returns. Gov. Rauner has released his returns every year. Rauner’s last return, for 2015, showed he had tripled his annual income." [Capitol Fax, 4/14/17]


Daniel Biss currently represents the 9th District in the Illinois State Senate and previously served one term in the Illinois House representing the 17th District. At the age of 25, he joined the University of Chicago's mathematics faculty. In 2003, while teaching, Daniel’s desire to confront our nation’s most critical problems compelled him to get more involved in his community. First as an organizer, and now as a state senator, Daniel’s top priority has been fighting for middle class families. He and his wife Karin live in Evanston with their two children.

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