FY 2010 Appropriations requests listed on Braley's website

Washington, DC - Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) today announced funding requests for job-creating projects in Iowa as part of the FY 2010 Appropriations process. All Braley's funding requests are now posted on his website, increasing the transparency of the appropriations process. The requests will be considered by the Appropriations Committee and the House for inclusion in FY 2010 appropriations bills.

"Each one of these projects will help save or create jobs in Iowa and will directly benefit the people I represent," Braley said. "These programs will help build new roads, redevelop blighted areas, educate workers for new jobs, make healthcare more affordable, and boost renewable energy. At this time of economic crisis, these programs will help spur economic development and grow our local economies. That's why I'm fighting to get these projects funding.

"Transparency and accountability are important to the appropriations process. I've supported the most extensive reforms to this process in history since I was elected to Congress, and that's why I'm posting all my funding requests online for Iowans to review."

Braley used two key criteria to determine his requests:

  • Saving or Creating Jobs: Projects will save or create jobs in Iowa, helping to boost the economy and put Iowans back to work.

  • Meeting Critical Needs: Projects are common-sense programs that help a significant number of Iowans meet a critical need.

A list of Braley's earmark requests can be viewed at http://www.braley.house.gov/fy10projects or by clicking on "FY10 Appropriations Requests" under the "Issues" menu of Braley's website.

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