Barak and Michelle are intentional about doing something meaningful every night at the dinner table with Malia and Shasha.

    They share a "Rose" (high for the day) and a "Thorn" (low for the day) to keep communication open with their daughters. National humorist, educator and Minister Rich Melheim is coming to town to add his own spin to this practice and, in the process, help strengthen local families during these tough times.

    Rev. Melheim, a Lutheran pastor and founder of Faith Inkubators (, will be in Davenport May 6th on one stop of a 75 city speaking tour at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 1915 West Kimberly Road, Davenport Iowa.

    Host Pastor: Todd Hunter

    Melheim has counseled parents on CNN, WNBC, KTLA and 50 network news channels from coast to coast. He is using this tour to "help families laugh, learn and lighten loads" by launching a six-week national experiment in intentional parent/child communication.

    Melheim will be offering an afternoon seminar for church workers and key family ministry leaders, plus an evening of comedy, practical parenting advice and challenge for families. The afternoon seminar runs from 1 - 5, and will unveil practical methods, models and means churches may use to enlist parents as partners in intentional nightly family ministry. The evening session, free to the public, is titled "Working on the Dream." At each evening event, the comic minister will present five simple steps to keeping families closer during trying times.

    "It'll be ½ standup comedy, ½ practical parenting advice, 12% shouting, 9% pillow fight, and 100% just plain fun," says Melheim. "Our goal is to enlist 10,000 families coast to coast to invest five minutes a night for the next six weeks. That's 42 days of family purpose, active listening and intentional caring parenting! We believe these simple steps can help a family hold together in a world that could tear it apart!"

    The evening event is open to parents and kids of all faiths and runs from 7-8:30 pm.

    Faith Inkubators is a cross-denominational Christian education think tank dedicated to "incubating faith every night in every home." Find out more about the organization, the "Faith 5" communication technique, and national tour details at

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