MOLINE, ILLINOIS (May 23, 2024) — On May 7, the Moline City Council passed an Ordinance that designates the Deere-Wiman Property, Deere-Wiman House, its Carriage House, and grounds, as a Local Historic Landmark in the City of Moline. A ceremony to recognize this honor is planned for 1PM, May 31. The public is invited to take part by meeting at the 11th Avenue entrance to Deere-Wiman House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline.

The William Butterworth Foundation, owner of the property, applied early this year to the City for landmark status. After an extensive vetting process by the Moline Historic Preservation Commission, the Deere-Wiman property was approved for this prestigious status, based on six criteria established by the Commission that recognizes historic and architectural significance in the community.

Dick Potter, Chair of the Moline Historic Preservation Commission shared, “The Moline Historic Preservation Commission is elated that the William Butterworth Foundation has chosen to landmark this iconic property. This is one of the most significant historic properties in the city of Moline and a fitting occasion to celebrate Historic Preservation month.”

The home was built in 1872 (the same year that the City of Moline was incorporated) for the family of Charles Deere, president of John Deere, 1886–1907. Deere hired prominent Chicago architect William LeBaron Jenny to design both house and grounds. Until 1976, the house was home to four generations of John Deere descendants. Today, the property serves as a community center for celebrating local history and education for all ages through year-round programming and special events.

Executive Director Heather Calvert said, “Historic landmark status will ensure that we provide the best long-term care for the Deere-Wiman property to keep alive for future Quad Citians the Deere family’s history and contributions to our area.”

The William Butterworth Foundation manages two historic properties: Butterworth Center, 1105 8th Street, Moline, and Deere-Wiman House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline. For more information about the wide range of services and programs offered at these historic houses, call 309-743-2700, or go to

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