LENEXA, KANSAS (September 10, 2019) — HyVee, a Des Moines-based supermarket chain, was recognized with three awards by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their achievements in protecting the environment through noteworthy refrigerant-management. HyVee received a “Superior Goal Achievement” award for voluntarily setting and achieving their challenging corporate goal for reducing refrigerant-emissions. The supermarket chain also was honored with the “Distinguished Partner” recognition for leadership through active participation and initiative in achieving GreenChill goals, and earned an “Exceptional Goal Achievement” award for meeting an even more stringent “stretch” goal to reduce refrigerant emissions.

The GreenChill Partnership encourages reductions in refrigerant leaks that can have costly impacts for supermarkets. Leaky systems can come at a high price, requiring replacement refrigerant, system maintenance, and repairs. Reducing leaks is also beneficial to the environment, as some refrigerants deplete the stratospheric ozone layer and are potent greenhouse gases.

“We applaud the supermarket chains for their environmental leadership in minimizing refrigerant emissions and their adoption of advanced refrigeration technologies,” said Anne Idsal, Acting Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. “They’re not just protecting the environment; they’re keeping costs down for themselves and their customers.”

Over the past decade, participation in EPA’s GreenChill Program has grown from 4,500 stores to over 11,000 stores nationwide, representing about 29 percent of the US supermarket industry. GreenChill’s Store Certification Program recognizes certain stores for meeting strict performance criteria that demonstrate their refrigeration systems have minimal impacts on the ozone layer and climate.

GreenChill partners emit at least 65 percent less refrigerant than the average supermarket. If all supermarkets nationwide cut the refrigerant leaks to the same level as those in the GreenChill partnership program, they could avoid $156 million in losses due to refrigerant-replacement costs.

More about the GreenChill partnership and today’s achievements: www.epa.gov/greenchill. 

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