From Women’s Health Care, To Mental Health Services, To Wasteful Tax Credits, Fred Touts Lifelong Work To Make Iowa A Better Place For Everyone

‘Fred Hubbell Has Delivered For Iowa Before, And Has The Vision To Get It Growing The Right Way’

Today, Fred Hubbell, Democratic candidate for governor, is releasing the first new television ad of 2018, “Delivering For Iowa,” highlighting his proven history of delivering results for Iowa, and his vision as governor to get Iowa growing the right way.

The ad touts Fred’s and his wife, Charlotte’s, lifelong work to make Iowa a better place for everyone. Whether it was helping open a Planned Parenthood clinic in Dubuque, working to add new mental health beds at Broadlawns Medical Center, or helping to clean up Iowa’s film tax credit scandal, Fred’s work has had real effects on Iowans.

The first new ad of 2018 echoes previous themes from 2017 that highlighted Fred and Charlotte’s lifelong progressive activism and experience.  Most recently, the ad focuses on Fred’s time as interim Director of the Department of Economic Development and his experience rooting out wasteful corporate tax giveaways, such as Governor Reynolds’ recently announced “Apple deal” which gives the richest company in the world $20 million in Iowa taxpayer dollars for only 50 permanent jobs — a deal that has come under attack from both Republicans and Democrats.

The 30-second television ad, “Delivering For Iowa,” will begin airing Saturday as part of a statewide buy.

Watch: “Delivering For Iowa

Full TV Ad Transcript:

Narrator: “Fred Hubbell spent his life delivering for Iowa.

“Fred and Charlotte believe women need access to quality health care, so they helped buy a building to open a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Dubuque, finance new mental health beds when the state slashed funding, and Fred helped clean up the film tax credit scandal.

“Today, he’s speaking out against reckless tax giveaways like Apple.”

“Fred Hubbell has delivered for Iowa before, and has the vision to get it growing the right way.”


About Fred:

A lifelong progressive and fifth-generation Iowan, Fred Hubbell is a proven leader with the experience to get results and get Iowa moving in the right direction. A leader who knows how to balance a budget, Fred holds vast experience in both the public and private sector, where he successfully ran several large companies like Younkers Department Chain and Equitable of Iowa. Additionally, Fred was twice called to public service, first, by then Governor Culver in 2007 to lead the Iowa Power Fund, helping Iowa invest and become a leader in renewable energy, and secondly, in 2009, to help clean up the Iowa Department of Economic Development following a disastrous film tax scandal. Throughout his career, Fred has also been a tireless progressive advocate. As the former chair of Planned Parenthood of Mid-Iowa, he fought to protect and expand a woman's right to quality health care. Serving on the Iowa College Foundation Board and Simpson College Board, Fred has worked to expand higher education opportunities to more Iowans. And with his service on the Mercy Hospital Medical Board and work with Broadlawns Medical Center, he has fought to ensure that those Iowans in need get the quality, affordable, and accessible health care they deserve. He currently resides in Des Moines, with his wife Charlotte, and has three children and three grandchildren.

For news and updates from the campaign trail, please follow @FredHubbell on Twitter and like his page on Facebook. More information can also be found at

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