DES MOINES, IOWA (April 15, 2019) — On Monday, Governor Kim Reynolds signed the following 8 bills into law:

HF698: an act relating to the jurisdiction and management of pioneer cemeteries.

SF140: an act relating to special minor’s driver’s licenses for students attending accredited nonpublic schools.

SF208: an act increasing the maximum allowable-length for stinger-steered automobile-transporters.

SF532: an act relating to notice and opportunity to repair construction-defects in new construction, and including effective-date and applicability provisions.

SF569: an act relating to business entities, by providing for different types of limited-liability companies and the dissolution of limited-liability companies, and including effective-date provisions.

SF333: an act relating to nonsubstantive code-corrections.

HF390: an act relating to required notices to the department of transportation regarding certain registered aircraft.

HF260: an act relating to permissible interest-rates and charges for certain loans.

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