DES MOINES, IOWA (June 18, 2020) On Wednesday, June 17, Governor Kim Reynolds signed the following bills into law:

HF717: An act concerning appeal rights relating to veterans preference.

HF2220: An act relating to the definition of young adult for purposes of participation in the preparation for adult living program.

HF2236: An act concerning fees charged for examining and copying public records relating to claims for veterans benefits.

HF2269: An act relating to the Medicaid home and community-based services elderly waiver monthly budget maximum.

HF2310: An act removing the requirement to obtain a permit for vehicles or combinations of vehicles of excessive size transporting divisible loads of hay, straw, stover, or bagged livestock bedding that meet certain width, height, and length requirements.

HF2312: An act relating to certificate of eligibility affidavits for admission to the veterans home.

HF2362: An act relating to certain appeals by nonprofit organizations concerning reimbursement of the department of workforce development for the cost of unemployment benefits.

HF2382: An act relating to confidentiality concerning individuals allowed a disabled veteran tax credit and military tax exemption.

HF2402: An act relating to the resignations of registered agents serving certain business entities.

HF2411: An act relating to participation in the sobriety and drug monitoring program.

HF2474: An act relating to the confidentiality of information filed with the court to secure an arrest warrant.

HF2481: An act relating to the validity of certificates of the treasurer.

HF2535: An act relating to nonsubstantive Code corrections, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

HF2536: An act relating to statutory corrections which may adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions, or remove ambiguities, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

HF2565: An act relating to the setoff procedures used by public agencies and including effective date provisions.

HF2581: An act relating to the regulation of hemp, including by providing for testing methods and the regulation of hemp products, providing penalties, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions.

HF2623: An act relating to gambling licensees concerning setoff requirements on certain winnings on wagers, payments by credit card, and qualified sponsoring organizations.

SF388: An act relating to the Iowa medal of honor highway, and including applicability provisions.

SF2097: An act relating to the criminal offense of indecent exposure, providing penalties, and making penalties applicable.

SF2182: An act relating to the state public defender pilot project and legal representation in child welfare cases

SF2188: An act concerning federal financial assistance funding for hazard mitigation.

SF2191: An act relating to the payment of required medical aid provided to prisoners.

SF2195: An act providing an exception to the Iowa state elevator code for certain multi-story commercial buildings in specified circumstances.

SF2225: An act relating to the criminal offense of theft in the third degree and making penalties applicable.

SF2284: An act relating to matters involving the state board of regents and the institutions the state board of regents governs, and including retroactive applicability provisions.

SF2300: An act relating to the transfer of real estate as part of the administration of a decedent’s estate, guardianship, conservatorship, or trust, and including applicability provisions.

SF2323: An act relating to the initial care plan for minor and adult guardianships and the initial plan and inventory for adult conservatorships, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

SF2356: An act relating to the education of students with characteristics of dyslexia and to the preparation and licensure of practitioners for such instruction, and establishing an Iowa dyslexia board.

SF2398: An act establishing a rural veterinarian loan repayment program for veterinary students and certain licensed veterinarians and a rural veterinary care trust fund, and making appropriations.

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