DES MOINES, IOWA (June 30, 2020)  On Monday, June 29, Governor Kim Reynolds signed the following bills into law: 

HF310: An Act relating to the practice of optometry.

HF594: An Act relating to medical procedures including abortion and limitations regarding the withdrawal of a life-sustaining procedure from a minor child.

Gov Reynolds released the following statement on HF594:

“I am proud to stand up for the sanctity of every human life,” said Gov Reynolds. “Life is precious, life is sacred, and we can never stop fighting for it. I applaud the Iowa lawmakers who had the courage to stand strong and take action to protect the unborn child.”

HF737: An Act relating to the regulation of persons involved with animals other than livestock and certain wild animals, providing for criminal offenses and court orders associated with animal mistreatment, and including penalties.

HF2340: An Act relating to the Iowa educational savings plan trust by permitting the use of funds for certain beneficiaries to attend out-of-state elementary or secondary schools, and including retroactive applicability provisions.

HF2540: An Act concerning alcoholic beverage control, establishing a charity beer, spirits, and wine event permit, providing for alcoholic beverages sales, and including effective date provisions.

HF2554: An Act relating to the offense of continuous sexual abuse of a child and providing penalties.

HF2589: An Act concerning the medical cannabidiol Act and marijuana.

HF2629: An Act relating to the future ready Iowa Act and other efforts to strengthen Iowa’s workforce, including provisions relating to apprenticeship training programs, a child care challenge program for working Iowans, computer science educational standards, a scholarship program, and the senior year plus program, and including effective date and retroactive-applicability provisions.

Gov Reynolds released the following statement on HF2629:

“Iowa’s greatest opportunity for economic growth is to build a workforce that’s nimble, highly-skilled, and filled with lifelong learners. Future Ready Iowa is helping do just that by giving Iowans the skills and training they need to turn their passion into a life-long career,” said Gov Reynolds. “I appreciate the Iowa legislature’s commitment to this program and giving unanimous support to this legislation.”

HF2641: An Act relating to state taxation and related laws of the state, including the administration by the department of revenue of certain tax credits and refunds, income taxes, moneys and credits taxes, sales and use taxes, partnership and pass-through entity-audits, and by modifying provisions relating to the reinstatement of business entities, the assessment and valuation of property, the Iowa reinvestment Act, short-term rentals, special registration plates, and animals and food, and providing penalties, and including effective-date and retroactive-applicability provisions.

SF526: An Act creating a blue alert program within the department of public safety for the apprehension of a person suspected of killing or seriously injuring a peace officer in the line of duty or due to safety concerns for a peace officer missing while on duty.

SF2259: An Act relating to liability arising from the donation of equipment by a municipality, fire department, emergency medical-services provider, or law-enforcement agency.

SF2310: An Act Relating to educational instructional requirements and funding flexibility and including effective-date and retroactive-applicability provisions. 

SF2261: An Act relating to the provision of behavioral health services including via telehealth in a school setting.

SF2268: An Act establishing the minimum age relative to various activities relating to tobacco, tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, vapor products, and cigarettes, making penalties applicable, and including effective-date provisions.

SF2360: An Act relating to classroom management and related practitioner-preparation procedures for reporting classroom violence and assaults, to corporal punishment, establishing a grant program and fund for creation of therapeutic classrooms, providing claims reimbursement to school districts for costs relating to therapeutic classrooms, making appropriations, and including effective date-provisions.

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