DES MOINES, IOWA (June 13, 2022) — Governor Kim Reynolds has signed the following bills into law:

HF2127 A bill for an act relating to payments to child-care providers from families participating in the state child-care assistance program.

HF2202 A bill for an act relating to Medicaid program reporting-requirements.

HF2246 A bill for an act relating to provisional licensing of interns enrolled in a doctoral degree program in psychology.

HF2443 A bill for an act relating to contract-enforceability regarding smart contracts and distributed-ledger technology.

HF2222 A bill for an act relating to documents that may be filed pro se by a defendant represented by counsel or an applicant for postconviction relief represented by counsel.

HF2549 A bill for an act relating to the establishment of a mental-health professional loan-repayment program within the college student-aid commission.

HF2445 A bill for an act relating to the uniform commercial code by providing for controllable electronic records.

HF2081 A bill for an act relating to teachers, including the assessments administered to practitioner-preparation program-admission candidates and to practitioner-preparation program students prior to students’ completion of a practitioner-preparation program, field experiences, and certain specified licenses for teachers created by the board to educational examiners, and including notice, effective-date, and applicability provisions.

HF2401  A bill for an act relating to the disclosure of specified information in connection with designated online-marketplace transactions and including effective-date provisions.

HF2358 A bill for an act relating to the Iowa law enforcement academy.

HF2468 A bill for an act relating to statutes of limitations on arbitration proceedings and including applicability provisions.

HF2420 A bill for an act relating to the newborn safe-haven act.

HF2517 A bill for an act relating to the reversion of moneys appropriated for a governance and funding of levee-districts study, and including effective-date provisions.

SF2373 A bill for an act relating to the enforcement of the lake Manawa and Waubonsie state-park user-fee pilot programs, and including effective-date and applicability provisions.

HF2080 A bill for an act relating to school districts that share operational functions, including operational functions in the areas of school resource officer, superintendent management, and special-education director, and including effective-date and applicability provisions.

HF2165 A bill for an act modifying provisions relating to eligibility for scholarships under the future ready Iowa skilled workforce last-dollar scholarship program.

HF2169 A bill for an act relating to the practices of pharmacy and nursing and the administration of immunizations and vaccinations, and the licensure of nonresident pharmacies.  

HF2147 A bill for an act making an appropriation to support efforts relating to the USS Iowa and including effective-date provisions.  

HF2573 A bill for an act creating funds relating to the abatement of and response to opioid use, allowing school districts to obtain opioid antagonist prescriptions, and making an appropriation.  

HF2130 A bill for an act relating to registered all-terrain vehicles and off-road utility vehicles, and making penalties applicable.  

HF2384 A bill for an act relating to pharmacy benefits-managers, pharmacies, and prescription-drug benefits, and including effective-date and applicability provisions.

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