Reynolds is waiting on ‘third parties’ to tell her what to do about two of her fundraisers.

Des Moines, IA – In her weekly press conference earlier this week, Governor Reynolds tried to minimize her ties to GOP power couple Connie and Kim Schmett and passed off any responsibility for responding to the allegations that the couple took money from Saudi Arabia to exploit veterans and lobby against 9/11 victims. 
Despite the fact that the Schmetts hosted a fundraiser for her as recently as September, Governor Reynolds claims that they have only given $100 to her campaign. She did not say whether or not she would be returning those funds.
Governor Reynolds placed all responsibility for holding the Schmetts accountable on the State Legislature and Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board. It should be noted that the Ethics Board is housed under the Executive Branch.
“Reynolds fundraisers Kim and Connie Schmett took money from Saudi Arabia to lobby against victims of 9/11 and Governor Kim Reynolds is waiting on ‘third parties’ to tell her what to do about it,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger. “Even if she has no legal recourse, Governor Reynolds could use her considerable influence to condemn their actions and call for their resignations. The people of Iowa need a governor who’s willing to stand up for what’s right, not one who puts party over leadership.”


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