CORALVILLE, IOWA (June 5, 2023) — The Iowa Bicycle Coalition, a leading organization dedicated to promoting bicycling as a safe and enjoyable means of transportation and recreation, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau. The grant will enable the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to develop and implement an innovative program called Bike Rodeo in a Box.

The Bike Rodeo in a Box program aims to enhance bicycle safety education and promote responsible biking practices among the state’s youngest cyclists. The program will distribute ten specially designed kits, containing a comprehensive range of materials and resources, to communities and schools throughout Iowa. Each kit will enable participants to organize and conduct their own bike rodeos, fostering safe biking skills and awareness within their local communities.

With the support of the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau grant, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition will assemble and distribute these bike rodeo kits, encompassing a variety of engaging and educational activities. The kits will include interactive stations, instructional materials, signage, safety equipment, and other essential tools necessary to host a successful bike rodeo event. These resources will empower communities to educate riders of all ages about essential safety practices, traffic rules, and proper bicycle-handling techniques.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is excited about the potential impact of the Bike Rodeo in a Box program in promoting safer biking practices throughout Iowa. By providing communities with the necessary resources, the program will help cultivate a culture of responsible and confident bicycling, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all riders. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition remains committed to its mission of creating a bicycle-friendly Iowa and encouraging active transportation alternatives.

"We are thrilled to have received this grant from the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau," said Matt Burkey, Safe Routes to School Manager of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. "The Bike Rodeo in a Box program will enable us to expand our reach and help us with our goal of providing cycling safety education to every 4th grader. We believe that by empowering communities to conduct their own bike rodeos, we can instill lifelong safety habits and help create more cyclists."

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is actively working on developing the Bike Rodeo in a Box kits and anticipates the distribution to communities across the state to begin this winter. One of the ten kits has already been awarded to Decatur County Hospital in Leon, Iowa. For more information about Bike Rodeo in a Box program and how to apply, please visit or contact Matt Burkey at

About the Iowa Bicycle Coalition:

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit organization committed to promoting safe and enjoyable bicycling in Iowa. By advocating for bicyclists' rights, supporting infrastructure improvements, and providing educational resources, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition strives to create a bicycle-friendly state that encourages active transportation and a healthier lifestyle for all Iowans. For more information, please visit

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