AMES, Iowa (January 16, 2017) - Approximately 8,775 Iowa State University students have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the Fall Semester 2016 Dean's List.

Students named to the Dean's List must have earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work.

Students listed below are from the Quad Cities area.



Bettendorf Ia

 Vyshakh George Abraham, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Madison Kylie Albracht, 1, Criminal Justice Studies
 James Varghese Anil, 3, Computer Engineering
 Nicholas James Arevalo, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Anna Lynn Baker, 1, English
 Hannah Kristine Bankson, 4, Elementary Education
 Elizabeth Claire Bartlett, 4, Animal Ecology
 Sarah Catherine Bartlett, 2, Anthropology
 Rachel Susan Basala, 2, Management Information Systems
 Reid Chandler Behrens, 3, Civil Engineering
 Emily F. Beilke, 4, Biology
 Alaina Marie Berkenbosch, 4, Accounting
 Laura K. Blaser, 4, Genetics (AGLS)
 Jacqueline R. Blaum, 3, Physics
 Carter Jeffrey Blunk, 3, Industrial Design
 Kellen Matthew Bohn, 4, Kinesiology and Health
 Katherine M. Braught, 2, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
 Jared Michael Brown, 4, Finance
 Maria Frances Brown, 4, Industrial Engineering
 Jacob Bump, 1, Pre-Business
 Courtney Nicole Bush, 2, Open Option (LAS)
 Daniel Alan Carber, 1, Physics
 Alex Justin Carpenter, 3, Electrical Engineering
 Dallas Donnell Carter, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Mara Eileen Claeys, 3, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Charlie Peter Coffey, 3, Art and Design (Bachelor of Arts)
 Chloe Elizabeth Corbin, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
 Zachary Paul Corrigan, 1, Mechanical Engineering
 Nicholas Kirk Costello, 3, Finance
 Henry Scott Crowley, 2, Integrated Studio Arts
 Courtney Jo Dankert, 1, Mathematics
 Nicholas Richard Deasy, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
 Kathleen Dilley, 4, Elementary Education
 Kaylee Docherty, 3, Elementary Education
 Tyler Frank Dunlavy, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Kaitlyn Marie Dvorak, 4, Kinesiology and Health
 Ashton M. Ehrecke, 2, Elementary Education
 Valerie Feld, 1, Pre-Business
 Cole Thomas Finnegan, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Meghan Maureen Flynn, 4, Marketing
 Jacob Ryan Fowler, 3, Philosophy
 Ian Casey Graham, 4, Mathematics
 Carly Elizabeth Grimm, 1, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Emily J. Hammer, 2, Pre-Business
 Haidyn Elizabeth Hank, 2, English
 Allison Marie Harmon, 3, Elementary Education
 Nicholas A. Heimendinger, 4, Public Relations
 Andrew David Hillman, 3, Biological Systems Engineering
 Amine Yani Hocine, 2, Computer Engineering
 Kaitlyn Renee Hoots, 3, Event Management
 Sarah Wade Huber, 4, Electrical Engineering
 Carolyn Anne Johnson, 4, Veterinary Medicine
 Gabriel M. Johnson, 3, Agricultural Engineering
 Charles Ford Klutho, 3, Community and Regional Planning
 Philip R. Kranovich, 3, Accounting
 Vignesh Krishnan, 2, Computer Engineering
 Paul Andrew Larsen, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Anne Elyse Leners, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Lana Marie Lindstrom, 2, Pre-Business
 Margaret Maneca Martens, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Jennifer Lynn Martin, 4, Psychology
 Maxwell Ryan McDaniel, 4, History
 Christina Anne Meadows, 3, Environmental Science (AGLS)
 Aaron T. Mendel, 4, Psychology
 Sarah Anne Mendel, 1, Microbiology
 Alexander C. Menke, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Craig Steven Miller, 4, Accounting
 Mackenzie E. Morthland, 4, Interdisciplinary Studies
 Levi A. Moser, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Olivia Marie Mowbray, 1, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Sean Keller Mullen, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Rahul Namboori, 1, Software Engineering
 Mary Christine Nelson, 4, Veterinary Medicine
 Grant Robert Nickles, 2, Genetics (AGLS)
 Olivia Noel Osborn, 1, Sociology
 Andrew M. Oswald, 4, Kinesiology and Health
 Sarah E. Oswald, 2, World Languages and Cultures
 Regina Annette Pauly, 4, English
 Camille Elizabeth Perk, 4, Industrial Engineering
 Kyle Robert Perkins, 4, Psychology
 Erica Mae Peterson, 4, Chemical Engineering
 Katelynn E. Piotter, 4, Early Childhood Education
 Bailey K. Pribyl, 1, Mechanical Engineering
 Tobey Charles Pribyl, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Rimjhim Rawat, 4, Finance
 Noel Christine Reilly, 3, Event Management
 Daniel W. Robinson, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Abigail Rae Schafer, 2, Landscape Architecture
 Brooke Patrice Schuler, 1, Pre-Dietetics (H SCI)
 Paige Ann Schuler, 4, Industrial Engineering
 Emily Jean Schwake, 4, Animal Science
 Hunter Cole Sickels, 4, Political Science
 Claire Elaine Slifka, 4, Family and Consumer Science Education and Studies
 Jacob Oliver Smidt, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Dylan Andrew Snyder, 4, Materials Engineering
 Stephen James Soko, 4, Economics
 Madeline Marie Spain, 3, Genetics (LAS)
 Aaron Dean Thune, 2, Computer Engineering
 Mallory Michelle Till, 4, Marketing
 Andrew J. Tjaden, 4, Marketing
 Matthew Alan Tjaden, 3, Finance
 Melanie Jane Trepa, 2, Public Relations
 Emma Johanna Vansickle, 4, Kinesiology and Health
 Margaret Wallace, 4, Biology (AGLS)
 Mengyu Wang, 4, Aerospace Engineering
 Samuel I. Woeber, 3, Industrial Design
 Kelsi Shea Wolever, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)

Davenport Ia

 Matthew D. Anderson, 4, Aerospace Engineering
 Beth Anne Baustian, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
 Riley Marguerite Behan, 3, Materials Engineering
 Jessica Lynne Bennett, 4, Journalism and Mass Communication
 Allison Marie Berens, 3, Kinesiology and Health
 Megan Elizabeth Black, 4, Elementary Education
 Leo Alexander Bormann, 2, Elementary Education
 Alena Morgan Bremer, 4, World Languages and Cultures
 Caleb A. Burt, 4, Aerospace Engineering
 Jake R. Byrne, 1, Mechanical Engineering
 Alissa Calsyn, 4, Genetics (LAS)
 Audrey Louise Case, 1, Elementary Education
 Malaysia T. Clayton, 2, Psychology
 Courtney Ann Clevenger, 3, Elementary Education
 Nathan Duane Coonts, 2, History
 Walter Jeffrey Dedoncker, 4, Civil Engineering
 Stephen T. Eckert, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Emily Elisabeth Edwards, 2, Chemical Engineering
 Joseph William Elliott, 4, Software Engineering
 Niyomuremyi Ernestine, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
 Justin Rollin Farrell, 5, Physics
 Anna Jacqueline Fleming, 1, Animal Science
 Emily Ann Forrest, 3, Animal Science
 Jason Lee Fredericks, 4, Management Information Systems
 Rachel Renee Garlock, 3, Biology (AGLS)
 Courtney Lynae Geiken, 4, Agricultural Engineering
 Derek Roger Geiken, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Amiah G. Gooding, 2, Electrical Engineering
 Carina Ann Grady, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Helena Marie Hansen, 2, Public Relations
 James Vincent Heinrichs, 1, Open Option (LAS)
 Matthew Joseph Heinrichs, 4, World Languages and Cultures
 Jiselle Alexa Henderkott, 4, Public Relations
 Andrea Marie Holtman, 4, Elementary Education
 Aubrey Pearl Hreha, 4, Graphic Design
 Kellen Michael Johnson, 4, Software Engineering
 Anthony Bounkham Khounlo, 4, Computer Engineering
 Thomas David Kimler, 3, Electrical Engineering
 Mary Katherine Kirk, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
 Alyson Jessy Knutsen, 3, Finance
 Ashlee Renee Lagerstrom, 4, Animal Science
 James Gilroy Larson, 2, Aerospace Engineering
 Anh Bao Le, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Samantha Alene Lipkowitz, 4, Event Management
 Matthew John Luebbe, 4, Materials Engineering
 Rachel Marie Lyle, 2, Graphic Design
 Alexa Christine Major, 4, Marketing
 Lindsay Renee Matthews, 4, Meteorology
 Caitlyn Janee McCreight, 4, Journalism and Mass Communication
 Eric Lee Middleton, 4, Electrical Engineering
 Bruce Moore, 2, Hospitality Management
 Danielle Robin Moore, 4, Biological Systems Engineering
 Sara Jean Neavor, 2, Sociology
 Cole T. Neese, 1, Agricultural Business
 Bryan Hao Nguyen, 1, Pre-Computer Science
 Paul Hue Nguyen, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Jordan Ashley Noel, 4, Elementary Education
 Brittany F. Pernell, 3, Child, Adult, and Family Services
 Julie Pham, 4, Event Management
 Caleb Anthony Redman, 4, Computer Engineering
 Erin Marie Schaffer, 1, English
 Hope Elizabeth Scheffert, 4, Software Engineering
 Kristina Seier, 3, Biology (AGLS)
 David Michael Severson, 4, Electrical Engineering
 David Joseph Solbrig, 2, Forestry
 Katriana Nicole Stoldt, 3, Linguistics
 Melanie Stoss, 4, Chemistry
 Seth Andrew Stoube, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Hannah Marie Sunderman, 1, Kinesiology and Health
 Christine A. Tabata, 3, Graphic Design
 Kendall Gene Tawney, 4, Animal Science
 Austin Robert Thomas, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
 Jessica Nichole Thomas, 4, Graphic Design
 James Le Tran, 4, Electrical Engineering
 Thao Tam Tran, 4, Interior Design
 Anthony Joseph Vieger, 2, Aerospace Engineering
 Madison K. Walker, 3, Biology (AGLS)
 Kelley Danielle Wallace, 4, Kinesiology and Health
 Gina Whitehead, 4, Event Management
 Abbey Marie Wilder, 1, Electrical Engineering
 Lauren Katherine Young, 3, Psychology
 Stephanie Ann Zeidler, 4, Landscape Architecture

Moline Il

 Audrey Marie Ade, 2, Genetics (AGLS)
 Matthew Robert Blair, 3, Industrial Technology
 Allison Michelle Boyle, 4, Elementary Education
 Colin Harrison Brown, 1, Industrial Engineering
 Peng Chen, 3, Pre-Computer Science
 Ashley Michelle Dodson, 4, Psychology
 Zachary Joseph Ferkel, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Aubrey Elizabeth Foulk, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)
 Christopher A. Griffiths, 3, Aerospace Engineering
 Emily Jean Knight, 4, Industrial Engineering
 Zachary Grant Manary, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Brant Alan Mosley, 4, Materials Engineering
 Emma Jane Newell, 2, Child, Adult, and Family Services
 Reece Erich Oldenburg, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Anthony R. Tonet, 2, Civil Engineering

Riverdale Ia

 Anthony David Geisler, 3, History
 James Durnin Geisler, 3, Management Information Systems

Rock Island Il

 Jake Christopher Aunan, 1, Software Engineering
 Katherine Marie Brune, 1, Mechanical Engineering
 Samuel Fernandez, 1, Kinesiology and Health
 Max M. Friestad, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Julianna C. Jespersen, 3, Animal Science
 Lindsay Kay Mack, 2, Environmental Science (AGLS)
 Brittany Rose Marxen, 3, Psychology
 Sydnie Odel McNeal, 4, English
 Samuel Jordan Schaecher, 2, Pre-Business
 Jordan Chase Turnbull, 4, Statistics