AMES, IOWA (June 17, 2019) — Approximately 9,000 Iowa State University students have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the spring semester 2019 Dean's List. Students named to the Dean's List must have earned a grade-point-average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course-work.

Students listed below are from your area.


Aledo, IL

Lauren Gillett Hoffman, 4, Interior Design
Brandi Diane Welch, 4, Animal Science

Andalusia, IL

Nathan Kenneth Flickinger, 2, Agricultural Systems Technology

Andover, IA

Amberlyn Kay Kruse, 3, Agricultural Business
Ashley D Kruse, 4, Agricultural Engineering

Annawan, IL

Jacob Leon Wolf, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Bennett, IA

Amanda A Wiese, 2, Elementary Education
Courtney Irene Wiese, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services

Bettendorf, IA

Olivia T Adams-Moulton, 3, World Languages and Cultures
Madison Kylie Albracht, 4, Criminal Justice Studies
Ryan L Anderson, 3, Computer Engineering
Nicholas James Arevalo, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Jean Li Arner, 4, Computer Engineering
Anna Lynn Baker, 4, English
Sarah Catherine Bartlett, 4, Anthropology
Rachel Susan Basala, 4, Management Information Systems
Megan Lynn Beck, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Eric Jeffrey Bert, 3, Management Information Systems
Jacqueline R Blaum, 4, Physics
Carter Jeffrey Blunk, 4, Industrial Design
Lauren Elizabeth Brewer, 4, Biology (AGLS)
Laura J Brown, 2, Chemical Engineering
Courtney Nicole Bush, 4, Marketing
Kathleen Anne Byrne, 4, Management Information Systems
Daniel Alan Carber, 4, Physics
Brittany Lynn Carlson, 3, Elementary Education
Alex Justin Carpenter, 4, Electrical Engineering
Mara Eileen Claeys, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Henry Scott Crowley, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
Thomas M Crowley, 3, Construction Engineering
Courtney Jo Dankert, 4, Elementary Education
Quentin Logan Dixon, 4, Pre-Graphic Design
Kaylee Docherty, 4, Elementary Education
Tyler Frank Dunlavy, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Ashton M Ehrecke, 4, Elementary Education
Kierstyn Feld, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
Valerie Feld, 4, Supply Chain Management
Cole Thomas Finnegan, 4, Industrial Engineering
Sean Patrick Finnegan, 2, Kinesiology and Health
Lucy Marie Foley, 2, Pre-Business
Jacob Ryan Fowler, 4, Philosophy
Samuel Christopher Frantz, 3, Kinesiology and Health
Eli Luis Gaeta, 4, Aerospace Engineering
Carly Elizabeth Grimm, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Abigail R Hammer, 2, Aerospace Engineering
Emily J Hammer, 4, Management
Haidyn Elizabeth Hank, 4, English
Hannah Elizabeth Hichborn, 3, Kinesiology and Health
Amine Yani Hocine, 4, Computer Engineering
Ethan Michael Hornbuckle, 3, Animal Science
Gabriel M Johnson, 4, Agricultural Engineering
Monica Anne Johnson, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
Lucas J Keller, 3, Computer Engineering
Stefanie Kae King, 4, Supply Chain Management
Emily Nicole Kirik, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
Charles Ford Klutho, 4, Community and Regional Planning
Vignesh Krishnan, 4, Computer Engineering
Michelle J Larsen, 4, Industrial Engineering
Paul Andrew Larsen, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Lana Marie Lindstrom, 4, Management
Sarah Maikon, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
Samantha Rose McGee, 3, Animal Ecology
Christina Anne Meadows, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)
Grant Michael Morthland, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
Samuel Blaze Naab, 3, Advertising
Mukul Nair, 2, Aerospace Engineering
Rahul Namboori, 4, Management Information Systems
Grant Robert Nickles, 4, Genetics (AGLS)
Olivia Noel Osborn, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
Sarah E Oswald, 4, World Languages and Cultures
Kienan Murray Otto, 4, Computer Engineering
William Peng, 4, Software Engineering
Benjamin Luke Piotter, 2, Criminal Justice Studies
Mackenzie Paige Rice, 2, Business Undeclared
Erin Marie Schaffer, 4, English
Mandria Susan Schirm, 4, Event Management
Brooke Patrice Schuler, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
Brianne Marie Shea, 3, Linguistics
Anna Charlotte Smidt, 2, Animal Science
David Douglas Smidt, 4, Environmental Science (LAS)
Luke C Soko, 2, Biological Systems Engineering
Elyssa Catherine Springer, 3, Psychology
Victoria Catherine Tappa, 2, Nutritional Science (H SCI)
Maureen Elizabeth Thomsen, 3, Dietetics (H SCI)
Matthew Alan Tjaden, 4, Finance
Alissa Nicole Wagler, 4, Supply Chain Management
Ethan Douglas Welker, 4, Management Information Systems
Andrew Whiteman, 3, Materials Engineering
Emma Grace Williams, 2, Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Thomas Woeber, 3, Community and Regional Planning
Alisha Jan Zaruba, 3, Genetics (LAS)

Blue Grass, IA

Adam Alvin Borders, 3, Industrial Technology
Alexandra Dee Burken, 3, Psychology
Morgan Lea Ripperger, 4, Marketing
Taylor Morgan Shaw, 4, Industrial Design

Bryant, IA

Brad Michael Holdgrafer, 4, Agricultural Studies

Calamus, IA

Makenna L Christensen, 4, Elementary Education

Camanche, IA

Syrene Rae Ball, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Dylan Jacob Dodson, 4, Meteorology
Torrie Ann Lanhart, 4, Animal Ecology
Lea Marie Lefebure, 2, Kinesiology and Health
Kelsey E McClenning, 4, Psychology
Jacob Tanner Peasley, 4, Criminal Justice Studies
Caitlyn Lori Skiff, 4, Performing Arts
Nellie R Waidelich, 4, Linguistics

Cambridge, IL

Alyssa E Keeney, 2, Criminal Justice Studies
Allison M Meyer, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Evan P Sullivan, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Charlotte, IA

Hunter Bryce Bielenberg, 4, Agronomy
Haleigh Noelle Hughes, 4, Kinesiology and Health

Clinton, IA

Clare Kristeen Andresen, 4, Financial Counseling and Planning
Todd Matthew Broadrick, 4, Technical Communication
Nolan Andrew Bromley, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Noah James Buikema, 4, Accounting
Hannah Marie Burken, 4, Animal Science
Emma Clare Gettes, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Gage Wayne Harris, 4, Aerospace Engineering
Lexi Nicole Myli, 4, Linguistics
Skyler Mary Pennock, 2, Elementary Education
Taylor Terese Peters, 4, Elementary Education
Jessica Leigh Riojas, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)
Quinton Schnier, 4, Biology
Sidney Catherine Smith, 3, Forestry
Zacary Tietjens, 2, Agricultural Engineering

Coal Valley, IL

Scott Andrew Zmuda, 4, Mechanical Engineering

Colona, IL

Adam Jeral Miller, 4, Construction Engineering
Emma C York, 2, Psychology

Columbus Junction, IA

Davis Matthew Hunt, 3, Architecture-Professional Degree
Samantha Joann Jamison, 4, Animal Science
Laura Jean Mincks, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education
Kelsey Eileen Pretz, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education
Chelsey Renee Smith, 3, Veterinary Medicine

Conesville, IA

Mark Eugenio Ramirez, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Cordova, IL

Heather Jean Coers, 4, Animal Science
Sean William Robinson, 4, Mechanical Engineering

Davenport, IA

Hazel Charlotte Ambort, 2, Materials Engineering
Mary Grace Armbrust, 2, Biological Systems Engineering
Maris L Behan, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Riley Marguerite Behan, 4, Materials Engineering
Mitchell Austin Black, 3, Industrial Engineering
Leo Alexander Bormann, 4, Elementary Education
Samantha A Britt, 4, Communication Studies
Makayla Marie Buck, 4, Biology (AGLS)

David Cao, 2, Pre-Business
James A Casad, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
Audrey Louise Case, 4, Elementary Education
Jarrett Richard Chapman, 4, Horticulture
Nathan Phillip Cirian, 4, History
Kaitlyn Nicole Collins, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Shayla V Cooper, 2, Animal Ecology
Devlen L Dailey-Gempis, 4, Graphic Design
Brooke Elizabeth Drezek, 4, Public Relations
Mimi Duong, 3, Marketing
Stephen T Eckert, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Emily Elisabeth Edwards, 4, Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth Ann Fennelly, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Rachel Renee Garlock, 4, Biology (AGLS)
Olivia Rose Gasper, 4, Music
James Durnin Geisler, 4, Management Information Systems
Madeline Marie Gowey, 3, Supply Chain Management
Mayli Anne Grady, 4, Industrial Design
Ashlyn M. Haack, 2, Mechanical Engineering
Alexa Marie Harper, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Hannah Rose Haut, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Abbey Michelle Heinrichs, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Kennedy Morgan Hill, 4, Horticulture
Elizabeth Marie Hines, 3, Veterinary Medicine
Emmarie Rose Husemann, 2, Design Undeclared
Haley Raeanne Jennings, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Hannah Morgan Johnson, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Samantha Faryn Johnson, 3, Mechanical Engineering
John Michael King, 4, Software Engineering
Natalia Kirby, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Emily Kay Kulhanek, 4, Elementary Education
Brenna Renee Kundel, 2, Elementary Education
Ryan John Lanciloti, 4, Computer Engineering
James Gilroy Larson, 4, Aerospace Engineering
Jacob Anthony Laufenberg, 2, Pre-Architecture
Emily L Lemons, 4, Animal Ecology
Martin John Leyhe, 3, Microbiology
Rachel Marie Lyle, 4, Graphic Design
Samantha Ann Lyle, 3, Horticulture
Audrey Elizabeth Moon, 2, Open Option (LAS)
Samuel Joseph Moore, 2, Software Engineering
Ethan Reed Morrow, 3, Landscape Architecture
Sara Jean Neavor, 4, Sociology
Cole T Neese, 4, Agricultural Business
Amy Thi Ngo, 2, Kinesiology and Health
Luella Han Nguyen, 3, Event Management
Stefanie A Nussbaum, 4, Construction Engineering
Melissa L Paulsen, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
Madison Claire Pavlich, 4, Marketing
Matthew T Pham, 4, Physics
Jordan Alice Ratigan, 2, Kinesiology and Health
Nicholas Dean Ratigan, 2, Supply Chain Management
Ryne M Sandry, 4, Management Information Systems
Bridget Ann Schnell, 4, Accounting
Bryce Coby Shults, 4, Elementary Education
Haley Simpson, 2, Event Management
Kayleigh Layne Slater, 4, Psychology
Gabriel Dehn Stevens, 2, Mechanical Engineering
Katriana Nicole Stoldt, 4, Linguistics
Miranda Noelle Stoldt, 4, Performing Arts
Hannah Marie Sunderman, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Christine A Tabata, 4, Graphic Design
Sarah Nicole Thomas, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
Emily T Tonn, 4, Global Resource Systems
Bailey Marie Tuttle, 4, Animal Science
Cale James Unzicker, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
Matthew Connor Weiser, 4, Genetics (LAS)
Satoria Da'Pree Williams, 4, Psychology
Lauren Katherine Young, 4, Psychology

De Witt, IA

Madeleine Irene Blandin, 4, Marketing
Claire R. Campbell, 4, Biology (AGLS)
Julia Elise Campbell, 2, Agricultural Business
Jordan Robert Cornelius, 4, Materials Engineering
Emily Renee Drury, 4, Child, Adult, and Family Services
Derek James Henningsen, 4, Animal Science
Katlyn Marie Irwin, 4, Elementary Education
Garrett Thomas Jacobs, 4, Civil Engineering
Tyler Joesph Ketelsen, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
Callaway Christian Kinney, 4, Event Management
Daniel Stefano Kranovich, 3, Management Information Systems
Philip R Kranovich, 4, Accounting
Mackenzie Rose Kuehn, 4, Elementary Education
Keegan D Lass, 3, Industrial Technology
Emmalynn Marie Rossmiller, 2, Biology (AGLS)
Allison Paige Rueter, 3, Agricultural Studies
Amber Sierra Schmidt, 4, Event Management
Jacob Michael Townsley, 2, Statistics
Mathew Craig Townsley, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Dixon, IA

Hannah Theresa Garland, 4, Horticulture
Lucas James Golinghorst, 4, Computer Engineering

Donahue, IA

Abigail Melissa Cahill, 4, Veterinary Medicine
Erin Nicole Gehrls, 2, Family and Consumer Science Education and Studies
Kelsey Diane Karnish, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)

Durant, IA

Jaclyn K Ralfs, 4, Software Engineering

East Moline, IL

Daniel E Devilder, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Filby, 2, Kinesiology and Health
Wesley James Graham, 4, Mechanical Engineering

Eldridge, IA

Christopher James Boland, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Brittany Rae Bullock, 3, Nutritional Science (H SCI)
Jennifer Mary Dowd, 4, Psychology
Sonya Elise Haan, 4, Mathematics
Lindsay Elizabeth Heinen, 4, Veterinary Medicine
Evan M Hundley, 4, Industrial Engineering
Laura Jean James, 3, Horticulture
Hailee Jones, 4, Elementary Education
Kelly Renee Knapper, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Bret James Knous, 3, Software Engineering
Lucas John Knous, 3, Software Engineering
Collin David Kull, 2, Pre-Business
Brenna C Meier, 2, Pre-Dietetics (H SCI)
Riley Mackay Nylin, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
Nathan Wayne Rheingans, 4, Elementary Education
Jared Allen Rus, 2, Open Option (LAS)
Abigail B Schneider, 4, Elementary Education
Rebecca Leigh Turnquist, 4, Psychology
Leah Nicole Van Hal, 3, Kinesiology and Health

Erie, IL

Erin Christine Stichter, 2, Agronomy

Fenton, IL

Abraham Michael Fisher, 4, Management Information Systems

Fulton, IL

Hope Deets, 4, Political Science

Geneseo, IL

Bryann Dilenbeck Brophy, 2, Pre-Interior Design
Bryan Kilcoyne Dellett, 3, Architecture-Professional Degree
Charles Henry Elden, 4, Psychology
Erika R Furbeck, 2, Elementary Education
Shaun P Garrity, 3, Management Information Systems
Paige Alison Gramling, 3, Supply Chain Management
Hunter Robert Hinton, 3, Industrial Technology
Dylan James Hodge, 4, Software Engineering
Jordan Anthony Jackson, 3, Supply Chain Management
Sierra Rae Sommer, 4, Family and Consumer Science Education and Studies

Goose Lake, IA

Jayna Leigh Farrell, 4, Animal Science
Justin M Swanton, 4, Animal Science

Grand Mound, IA

Amanda Aaron Gorzney, 4, Global Resource Systems
Emma R Olson, 4, Agricultural Business

Grandview, IA

Rayne J Lopez, 4, Psychology

Hampton, IL

Ema Marie Morse, 3, Genetics (LAS)

Illinois City, IL

Evan M Dinnon, 2, Computer Engineering
Brianna Lynn Gorham, 3, Agricultural Business

Le Claire, IA

Reegan Deanne Brockhage, 2, Elementary Education
Sydney Cournoyer, 2, Advertising
Alexander Vaughn Curlee, 3, Agronomy
Karlee Lynn Gray, 4, Accounting
Bradley Robert Melvin, 2, Microbiology
Kylie C Murphy, 3, Supply Chain Management
Brennen Lee Reynolds, 4, Chemical Engineering
Max Daniel Royer, 3, Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas William Roys, 4, Industrial Design
Alyssa C Schindler, 2, Early Childhood Education
Madeline Marie Spain, 4, Genetics (LAS)
Andrew Joseph Witters, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Letts, IA

Kyler Austin Bemis, 4, Marketing

Lone Tree, IA

Travis Scott Gillham, 4, Electrical Engineering
Hunter Riley Hamilton, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education
Thomas Gaylord Viner, 4, Agricultural Studies
Wyatt Lewis Westfall, 3, Agronomy

Long Grove, IA

Crystal Taylor Dewulf, 4, Landscape Architecture
Michael Joseph Mohr, 2, Supply Chain Management
Zachery Troy Petersen, 2, Agricultural Systems Technology

Maysville, IA

Colby Lafrenz, 4, Agricultural Engineering

Milan, IL

Madison Nichole Dorbeck, 5, Kinesiology and Health
Brandon Mark Freed, 2, Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Matthew Lavery, 4, Aerospace Engineering
Lindsay Kay Mack, 4, Environmental Science (AGLS)
Evan Christopher Mandle, 4, Electrical Engineering
Arieanna Nicole Murley, 4, Animal Science
Tyler M. Vanwinkle, 4, Accounting

Moline, IL

Cole Thomas Caleo, 2, Mechanical Engineering
Ritika Chakravarty, 4, Electrical Engineering
Meghna Chandrasekaran, 4, Computer Engineering
Alyssa Coil, 4, Psychology
Araceli Garcia, 4, Animal Science
Hunter Ryan Henning, 2, Criminal Justice Studies
Erin Izer, 4, Psychology
Reece Erich Oldenburg, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Karthik Ramanand Prakash, 3, Computer Engineering
Anthony R Tonet, 4, Civil Engineering
Benjamin Michael Weaver, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Morrison, IL

Kyle Alan McCoy, 3, Accounting

Muscatine, IA

Carly Marie Bates, 3, Animal Science
Corina Marie Bates, 4, Animal Science
Melissa N. Burzlaff, 3, Interior Design
Larkin R Chapman, 4, World Languages and Cultures
Cassidy Ann Conway, 4, Psychology
Meghan Riley Custis, 3, Public Relations
Kristopher Ray Dietrich, 4, Management Information Systems
Courtney Lynn Dunsmore, 4, Advertising
Olivia K Fuegen, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Raven-Skye Molly Haller, 4, Horticulture
Chelsea Ann Harris, 4, Animal Science
Eric Harmon Heckman, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
Kristi Marie Heinberg, 4, Music
Caleb Christopher Hoffman, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Nicole Keitel, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Brina Marie Kraft, 3, Aerospace Engineering
Bailey Jade Krieger, 4, Advertising
Alyson Jean Logel, 4, Accounting
Emma Renee Maynard, 2, Biology (AGLS)
Dawson Michael Munday, 2, Computer Engineering
Erin M Nichols, 4, Graphic Design
Joel Bryan Ohge, 3, Computer Engineering
Sydney Joy Roeth, 3, Graphic Design
Rachel Ann Schoer, 4, Elementary Education
Brady Allen Trego, 2, Animal Ecology
Miles J Utley, 2, Pre-Business
Alejandra Valadez, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Nichols, IA

Austin J Goddard, 4, Industrial Engineering
Kayla M Kaalberg, 4, Global Resource Systems
Connie Lilibeth Sarinana, 4, Animal Ecology

Orion, IL

Gabriel Arthur Clarke, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Shonna Diane Gainey, 4, Event Management
Kelly Ann Jacobson, 2, Software Engineering
Paige Cristine Stropes, 3, Industrial Engineering
Abigail E Vanduyne, 2, Mechanical Engineering

Osco, IL

Callen James Magerkurth, 3, Finance

Port Byron, IL 

Jannell E Clampitt, 4, Biological Systems Engineering

Prophetstown, IL

Aaron James Hanrahan, 2, Computer Science
Mackenzie Lei Schueler, 4, Psychology

Rock Island, IL

Samuel Fernandez, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Max M Friestad, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Betty F Hall, 4, Elementary Education
Shelby Lynn Krug, 4, English
Andrew Michael Maloney, 4, Mathematics
Mason Trevor McGuire, 4, Biology
Tyler Dean Roling, 3, Chemical Engineering
Austin Joseph Trask, 3, Aerospace Engineering

Stockton, IA

Chloe Sue Hagen, 4, Animal Science

Taylor Ridge, IL

David Eddy, 4, Aerospace Engineering

Thomson, IL

Emma M. Aljets, 2, Agricultural Business
Haley Nicole Appel, 4, Early Childhood Education

Tipton, IA

Micah D Bailey, 3, Aerospace Engineering
Dalton James Clark, 4, Construction Engineering
Kara Keahna Gravert, 4, Anthropology
Aubrianna Danae Hein, 2, Biology (AGLS)
Samantha Jo Pruess, 4, Early Childhood Education
Madalyn Rae Timmerman, 4, Elementary Education

Walcott, IA

Cassandra Lee Berger, 3, Interior Design
Drake Raymond Golinghorst, 3, Marketing
Emily Ann Howell, 4, Biological Systems Engineering
Abbie Joan Koberg, 3, Communication Studies
Dayna Joy Kraklio, 2, Environmental Science (AGLS)

West Liberty, IA

Bradley Daniel Arp, 4, Management
Ryan Matthew Baker, 4, Software Engineering
Bridget Maureen Buol, 2, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education
Hailey Nicole Daufeldt, 4, Agronomy
Jenna Joelle Giamba, 3, Public Relations
Belinda Kaye Heckman, 4, Global Resource Systems
Kurtis Nash Minor, 4, Animal Science

Wheatland, IA

Kailey Alexis Potter, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Wilton, IA

Kyle Todd Lafrenz, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
Gavin Lee Meyer, 4, Animal Science
Maddison D Nietfeldt, 4, Elementary Education

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