Wednesday, September 5– 3PM

Continuing rain pushed the projected crest of the Mississippi River up to 16.4 FT on Tuesday, September 11.  The current river level is 13.95 FT, and expected to reach 15 FT by Friday, September 7.

Little new or noticeable impacts or flood measures will be implemented until the river level exceeds 15 FT.

Based on the current river level projection, the following flood impacts and measures have been or will occur in the coming days:


·       S Concord is closed between Utah and River Drive. Wapello and Miller between Railroad Avenue and S Concord will close sometime late Thursday or Friday this week.

·       Gaines and portions of Beiderbecke south of River Drive will become affected this weekend.


·       A portion of the recreational trail between Credit Island and Marquette Landing will be covered by water beginning sometime Friday. 

·       The boat dock at Credit Island has been removed. There is no plan to remove the dock at Marquette Landing at this time.

·       Water will begin to affect LeClaire Park and the adjacent recreational trail this weekend.

·       Credit Island may be briefly closed due to water over the road early next week.


·       Access to the Compost Facility, 2707 Railroad Ave, is available via Rockingham Rd/Hwy 22 to Wapello to Railroad Ave.

·       Modern Woodmen Park, the River’s Edge, the Freight House and Freight House Farmer’s Market, and Union Station will remain open for business.


·       No events will be impacted.

Other Measures

·       Pumps have been, or will be set, and appropriate gates closed in various low-lying areas of the city as the river continues to rise.

·       Sandbags will be available for pickup by individuals impacted at these river levels at the Public Works Marquette Facility, 232 S Marquette St, just outside the gate beginning Thursday,          September 5 by 10AM.

Public Works does not anticipate issuing another flood update until Friday, September 7 unless forecasted river levels change significantly. Crews will be monitoring conditions and are prepared to respond as needed.  Please be reminded not to play, wade, walk, bike or drive through floodwater. Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Jennifer A. Nahra

City Hall

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Davenport, IA   52801

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