Left to Right: Julia Campbell and Megan Decker

AMES, IOWA (April 6, 2021) — Votes cast by the Iowa State University student body on March 22 favored the Julia Campbell and Megan Decker executive ticket over Olson-Gonzalez, bringing closure to one of the more closely-watched student-government campaigns in the school’s history. President-Elect Julia Campbell and Vice President-Elect Megan Decker will officially take office following their inauguration April 6, 2021.

Campaign focus “Elevate Iowa State” hit home with students

Campbell-Decker’s “Elevate Iowa State” campaign focusing on financial and academic student success, community, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and Student Government transparency and accountability resonated with students looking for positive, results-oriented leadership.

Campbell attributes much of their campaign’s success to the insights and ideas collected from students from across campus. “Megan and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with many students and ISU community organizations. We look forward to continuing conversations about how we can work collaboratively with student groups on campus to improve the student experience at Iowa State University.”

Campbell-Decker makes history

For the first time in Iowa State’s recent history, both executive positions of ISU student government will be held by women. Decker expressed her and Campbell’s appreciation. “We have loved the chance to meet so many incredible people and learn so much about the Iowa State community. We cannot fully express our gratitude to our campaign team, friends, families, and volunteer team for their endless support over the last couple of months.”

More about the candidates:

Julia Campbell, daughter of Dennis Campbell and Kristin Campbell from DeWitt, Iowa, served as Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen in 2016 and graduated with honors from Central High School, Dewitt, Iowa, in 2018. Campbell will graduate from ISU in fall of 2022 with a degree in Agricultural Business and Economics with an emphasis in Finance. As a student at Iowa State, Campbell has held many titles at both a college and university level including: Department of Economics Peer Mentor, Student Government Legislative Ambassador, Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Ambassador, Agricultural Business Club officer and member, CALS Career Services Student Worker, and member of the 2018-2019 President’s Leadership Class. Campbell was named ISU Recreation Services’ Group Fitness Instructor of the Year in 2020. This spring, Campbell will be inducted into Cardinal Key Honor Society, ISU’s highest honor society. Following graduation, Campbell plans to apply her interests in finance, economics, and policy within the agricultural industry while also continuing her involvement in the family farming operation.

Megan Decker, daughter of Tom and Diane Decker from Rockwell City, Iowa, will graduate with a degree in Agriculture and Society with minors in both Journalism and Mass Communication and General Business in the Spring of 2024. Throughout her time at Iowa State, Decker has been involved as a Student Government Legislative Ambassador, CALS Ambassador, SALT Company, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority member, an assistant to the CALS Dean of Academic Innovation, and an ISU Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructor, where she is the 2020 Newcomer of the Year in 2020. In the future, Decker plans to complete her educational aspirations and find employment that supports her interests in business, agriculture, and policy.

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