MOLINE, ILLINOIS (September 30, 2019) — Remember the good old days of radio? They’re back at the Black Box Theatre in The Man with Bogart’s Face: A Radio Play. In short, a man whose identity we never know has his face altered to look like Humphrey Bogart and is involved in a Maltese Falcon-type caper. And just like the film-noir 1940’s movies, there are dames and heroes and villains, oh my, all played for laughs. Reviewers called it "a fast-moving story with action and staccato dialogue that literally bring Bogart to life." (Variety) "The Man With Bogart's Face is a loving tribute to the genre of hard-boiled detectives of the 1940s and the Hollywood movies that glorified their derring-do… Fenady obviously has a strong affection for those tough private eyes and gorgeous women who both plagued and pursued them." (The Hollywood Reporter) Now Fenady brings his action to the stage in an utterly unique way that is entertaining, hilarious and suspenseful. Manuscript format.

The cast includes Scott Tunnicliff, Phillip Dunbridge, Mark Ruebling, James Driscoll, Susan Perrin-Sallak, Patti Flaherty, Lisa Kahn, and Ashley Hanson. The production will be designed and directed by Lora Adams.

Tickets are available at Thursday night $13, all other dates $16. Thursday, Friday, Saturday begin at 7:30PM, and Sunday at 2PM.

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