Skip and Scout Menu Boards Appear in Schools

Look what's going up in school cafeterias this Fall! Thanks to the funding through the CDC PICH initative, large, well-constructed plastic Menu Boards will be permanently mounted in or near every public school building's cafeteria throughout Rock Island County. Not only do the Menu Boards display Skip and Scout promoting making healthy eating choices, they are designed to instruct students on the importance of eating a balanced meal. The elementary version of the Menu Board features a cafeteria tray divided up into sections representing Grains, Protein, Milk, Fruits, and Vegetables.  At the Junior High and High School level, the Menu Boards are more open ended so the cafeteria workers can write foods in categories to allow students to make more of their own healthy food choices.  All told, there will be 36 elementary boards and 16 junior and senior high boards. We are also providing 13, 000 stickers to Rock Island County elementary schools to be given out by staff to encourage students to eat healthy at school.  We're excited that over 23,000 students will now see Skip and Scout in a positive way every day of the school year!

Is employee health important to your organization or business? Join over 25 other local businesses and get recognized as a Be Healthy QC Worksite! 
If your business would like to be recognized for your progress in creating a healthy workplace, please download and complete our Be Healthy QC Worksite Wellness Healthy Workplace Assessment then return it to: Businesses that meet at least 10 of the 20 items on the assessment will receive a letter and certificate of recognition for their worksite wellness efforts, as well as a window cling to display at the entrance of their business. 

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