August is Preventive Health Month — an ideal time to address your health. Preventive health helps you to identify and address health issues before they worsen. Practicing it protects you and your family from disease and illness. Preventive health for you may also mean finding ways to fit more exercise into your life and healthy food choices — all of these things can help you maintain good health.

Main at Locust Pharmacy Makes Taking Medications on Time Easy

Davenport, Iowa.- August 1, 2018 -  With the recent news Amazon has made an acquisition to enter the pharmacy market, Main at Locust Pharmacy is one pharmacy with no worries. Patients of the pharmacy have already been enjoying the convenience and ease of pouch packaging from their neighborhood pharmacist - an experience enhanced by working wioth a pharmacy team who knows their name and provides a personal touch.

Summer Safety: Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning




Davenport, IA – Sara Rausch and Susan McCloone want to change the way we think about motherhood. On July 2nd, they’ll be unveiling a new space in Davenport to serve women who are looking for complimentary care and education, wherever they are along their reproductive journey.

Grassley’s Ongoing Efforts to Curb the Cycle of Opioid Abuse

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, continues to be a leader in the fight against opioid addiction and abuse.

Leahy-Grassley CREATES Act to Lower Prescription Drug Prices Clears Judiciary Committee

(May 21, 2018) — The American Red Cross is counting on volunteer donors to give blood and help ensure patient needs can be met this summer.

Around Memorial Day, the Red Cross sees a steep decline in blood donations. Busy summer schedules, vacations and school breaks also cause a drop in donations. Accidents and medical emergencies don’t take a summer break – patients need blood every minute, every day.