MOLINE, ILLINOIS (July 30, 2020) The Moline Foundation and The Moline Public Library are collaborating on Job Search Workshops. With the large number of people on unemployment, the set of six workshops will help with finding a new job. They will be kept to fifteen people to ensure questions can be answered during the 30-minute session and fifteen-minute Q&A period. Each session stands on its own so that participants can attend as many or as few sessions as they'd like.

Hosted by Susan Zelnio, Workforce Development Program Director of the Moline Foundation, with an extensive background in Human Resources, hiring and career coaching. Registration is required but the sessions are free via Zoom: No residency requirements. Go to to sign up.

8/5/2020 Resume Basics: Learn what you need to include on a resume, why have a resume when you have to fill out an application, and why your cover letter is important, too.

8/12/2020 Acing an Interview: Do you have the opportunity to talk on the phone, do a virtual or an in-person interview? What to do to have the best chance of getting that job or getting a second interview.

8/19/2020 Online applications: Applications can be lengthy and time-consuming. What to consider before applying for that job and how to prepare to get applications done in a way that matters.

8/26/2020 Connections Matter — Career Networking: Your connections help you find a job. Turn to friends, family and acquaintances to help your job search by asking who they know. How to ask for the help and who to thank.

9/2/2020 Problem Areas for Job Searchers: You might have been laid-off or fired and ended up with a hole in your resume. How do you represent it on your resume, application or during the interview? Learn what to say and what not to say.

9/9/2020 Social Media Considerations for Job Seekers: Do you Tweet? Are you on Facebook? Do you post photos on Instagram? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Many employers will take a peek at your accounts before considering you as a candidate. What you need to ponder before starting the hiring process.

About The Moline Foundation 

The Moline Foundation, founded in 1953, is a community foundation providing grant-making and additional resources to health, human services, education, community development, the arts, and other charitable organizations.

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